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Two Bad Ants

No description

Shannon Pitts

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Two Bad Ants

Two Bad Ants
Unit 6 Week 4

Day 4
Why are rules and laws important to freedom?
Day 1
Why are rules and laws important to freedom?
Day 2
Why are rules and laws important to freedom?
Day 3
Why are rules and laws important to freedom?

Turn to p. 460-461
What does the photo on p. 460 show?
How does the crossing guard help us?
What classroom rule are the children following?
Why rules and laws are important to freedom
Reasons to obey rules and laws
Types of rules
Types of laws
Amazing Words
p. 461a-461b

obey fascinate
responsibility guilt
consequence encounter
permission forbid
citizen eerie
Phonics p. 462-463
Prefixes im-, in-


When I see the word impure, I recognize that it has a prefix. When I decode a word with a prefix, I break it into parts. First, I identify the base word: pure. Then I identify the prefix im-. Finally, I put the parts together and read the whole word: impure. The prefixes im- and in- both mean "not", so impure means "not pure".
Underline the base word, circle the prefix

impatient inactive incomplete
immobile indefinite incredible
imperfect impolite incorrect
implode injustice impossible
Skill- Plot and Theme
p. 464-465
The important events in the beginning, middle, and end of a story make up the plot.

The theme is the "big idea" or lesson in the story.
crystal- a solid, glass-like item
disappeared- vanished from sight
discovery- the action of finding something
goal- an aim or desired result
journey- a long trip
joyful- feeling great happiness
scoop- a spoon-shaped tool; the amount taken up by such a tool
unaware- having no knowledge of something
A person who breaks a rule or law faces a consequence.
What does the phrase "breaks a law" mean?

Does something a law says not to do
What is consequence?
the result of doing something a law says not to do
What kinds of consequences might there be when someone breaks a law?
go to jail, get a ticket
Prefixes im- and in-
sort the following words in the correct column:
insoluble inedible
impass impractical
immortal improbable
incapable invisible

-in -im
insoluble impass
incapable immortal
inedible impractical
invisible improbable
An animal fantasy has characters that are not people but are personified animals. They talk or live in homes like ours, have feelings like we do, or lead lives like we do.
Purpose for reading: Students will gain knowledge of the importance of rules and laws.
"Now Listen to "Two Bad Ants"
"One by one the insects climbed out, following the scout, who had made it clear-there were many crystals where the first had been found, but the journey was long and dangerous"

What is a scout?
someone who goes ahead of the main group to gather information on what lies ahead.
What is a journey?
a long trip
Read the following words and circle the prefix:


Research and Study skills:
Electronic Text
p. 487c
You may have seen text in electric form on the internet or a CD-ROM. Electronic text is often used for research.
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