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Astronomy Project

Final Presentation 2010 Astronomy College

Chris Cooley

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Astronomy Project

Black Holes and Worm Holes Space Transportation The Theory of Time Travel What are Black Holes?
What are Worm Holes?
Time Travel? General Theory of Relativity Theory was proposed by Albert Einstein in 1915
Stating Distance and Time are Not Absolute
Any Mass Warps Space and Time Chandra Image What is a Black Hole? General Theory of Relativity proposes existance
a region in space where nothing escapes the event horizon,
not even light
Developing the name as the "Black Hole" because nothing is reflected
Cygnus X-1 is a proposed possibility Background of Worm Holes Theoretically exist by Theory of General Relativity
May form through 2 copies of a black holes being connected by a passageway, known as the "Einstein-Rosen Bridge"
Not Proven yet... Why do we believe they exist? Big Bang: creating mass negative energy Possible to Keep a Worm Hole Open?
What would one look like?
Is Time Travel possible? Mass Amount of Negative Energy to Sustain
No known way to create or sustain one A Hurricane Time Travel Only "shortcuts" in time are permitted,
not time travel
Famous Movies Contact 3 Main Types of Black Holes Stellar
Miniature Other Speculation? Supermassive center of galaxies
Andromeda Sounds? NASA detected Sounds
Location: Perseus Cluster, over 250 ly away
B-Flat note, 57 ocataves lower than middle C
Various Theories of Travel Alcubierre's Warp Drive
Negative Mass Propulsion
Hypothetical Differential Sail
Hypothetical Diode Sail
Hypothetical Induction Sail
Hypothetical Diametric Sail
Hypothetical Pitch Drive
Hypothetical Bias Drive
Hypothetical Disjuntion Drive "Warp Drive"- making space time smaller in front of ship,
but while expanding it behind it By: Chris Cooley
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