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Egyptian Mummies

No description

bailey peskar

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Egyptian Mummies

What are the Gods of the dead?
Why do people study Egyptian mummies?

By Anna Filkins, Bailey Peskar, Kenzie Lundeen, Haley Graetz

Egyptians Gods were an essential part of Egyptian religion and beliefs. The Gods were a part of their daily lives. Whenever the Egyptians needed wisdom or strength they would pray to their Gods.
Temples were commonly a place for Egyptians to burn incense and send offerings up to the Gods. The Egyptians were very good storytellers and they connected with other stories.

The best book of mummies
Mummies & Pyramids
Mummies of the pharaohs
The next world
What do they wrap Egyptian mummies in?
In search King Tuts tomb
Ancient Egypt
The ancient egyptians believed that when they died they would travel the the next world.They believed that the kingdom was a wonderful place, and who ever managed to get there would live for ever.However the journey was long and hard.On the way,the dead needed food and water. Their bodies had to be whole and strong and the priests had to chant spells to protect them.
You wouldn't want to be an egyptian mummy
What do they wrap egyptian mummies in? The substance that they wrap the mummies in is called linen! This material was very valuable at the time because it took incredibly long to weave it. Well I think that about wraps it up for today! I hope you learned a little bit about egyptian mummies!
Mummy tombs and treasure
A difficult journey
The dead man asked the ferryman for help to cross the river into the next world. Then he must pass through the seven guarded gates he must fight snakes, crocodiles, and evil Gods try to trap him in nets. But he also gets help from the God Atum, and food and water from harhor. He also has to face 42 judges before his heart is weighed against the feather of truth. If his heart is heavy enough with sin, he will be gobbled up by a monster. If it is light, he will be saved.
What is a funeral procession?
A funeral procession is winding from the city of Thebes along the Nile river. Slowly the funeral procession goes to the edge of the desert, where a tomb is ready. People carry the coffin to the tomb. Meanwhile, priests sprinkle milk and burn sweet smelling incense. Woman wail as the funeral procession goes by.
What do they do with the organs?
This is linen
the deceased body
www.brain pop.com
by:Haley Graetz
By: Bailey Peskar
Why did egyptians do funeral processions?
Egyptians did the funeral procession so they could think of all of the memories that they had,
Also so they could do the heart scale, and so they could carry every thing that person would need for the after life.

what you will need:
king tut
Watch this you tube video!! This video will teach you a little about mummies.
Why do they wrap Egyptian mummies?
various tools and surgical instruments that will be needed to clean out the body and remove certain organs.
Why do they wrap egyptian mummies?
The the ancient people believed that the after life was very important. So when the ancient people mummified someone if that person passed the heart scale test, they wanted them to have a good afterlife. They would wrap the body in linen to preserve the body. So they would have a good after life!
The slicer will use a ceremonial flint knife to cut the body open.
This will be used to dry out the body once the organs have been removed
egyptian gods!
removing the organs
After the body has been cleaned it is taken to a place of embalming. Called the wabet.In order to remove some of the internal organs,a "slicer" priest makes a long cut along the left side of your body. your organs such as your liver, stomach, lungs and intestines are removed through the cut that the slicer priest made.The body is then washed out with palm wine and will be soaked in natron for fourty days to dry it out. The egyptians believed that the brain wouldnt be needed in the after life so they took a hook and pulled the brain out of the head and through their nose.Although the heart is left in the body because the egyptians believed that the heart will be needed in their after life.
pictures of Egyptian things that mummies had

storing the organs
stuffing the body
by: Anna Filkins, Bailey Peskar, Makenzie Lundeen, Haley Graetz.
canopic jars are used for storing the organs.Each jar is protected by one of the four sons of the god Horus and the lid of each jar is in the shape of its protecter gods head. The canopic jars are placed in a specially made box called a canopic chest. This will be stored in your tomb and should be placed as near to you as possible. Here are the steps to storing the organs.
1. After forty days remove from the natron and check that there is no moisture left in them.
2. If the organs are completely dried, they are ready to be wrapped in linen.
3. The organ can now be placed in its canopic jar. Ideally, the lid should fit tightly.
your lungs are stored in a jar protected by the god hapy, who was the head of a baboon.
your liver will be stored in a jar with the human head of the god Imsety on it.
your stomach is placed in a jar with the jackal head of the god Duamutef.
your intestines are kept in the jar which has a falcon head of the god Qebehseneuf.
After fourty days in natron the body is completely dried out. Their skin is shrivelled and wrinkled and they look like a piece of old leather. They really need help now, so its off to the per nefer,the 'beautiful house'. First their skin will be rubbed with oils to make it softer. Then the empty space where their organs were is filled with sawdust, rags and chaff. Other parts of their body are plumped up by pushing mud into tiny cuts in their skin. All you need now are false eyes and perhaps some false hair. You are almost looking alive again! Also false eyes can be made out of onions! As they have strong antiseptic qualities.They can also be stuffed into the body cavity.
by,Anna Filkins
Makenzie Lundeen
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