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Lolita Fashion 101

No description

Quiet Ship

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Lolita Fashion 101

Pastels, childish and candy prints
Ruffles, bows, patterns Classic Solids, muted colors, grown-up prints
Bows and ruffles, elegant lace The Silhouette Dark colors, architectural prints
Cathedrals and coffins "Boystyle"
Balloon shorts
Androgynous look Twinning A presentation by Quiet Ship Lolita Fashion 101 Sweet Gothic Other Trends Punk Guro Military Sailor Hime Country Wa & Qi Bags Ita Terrible lace
Too many ruffles
WTF legs? Too much going on
Petticoat = capelet?
Brand gone wrong Kodona Aristo "Aristocrat"
Adult Lolita
Dark, grown-up Ero NOT Lolita is ageplay! Kuro/Shiro Steampunk Pirate Coats
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