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Telephone Techniques Workshop

No description

Catherine Montano

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Telephone Techniques Workshop

Telephone Etiquette & TGG
Program Outline
Case Studies
Lets look at how we currently serve our customers.

Experience our telephone service from a customer's perspective.
TGG Current Best Practice Guidelines

Telephone Etiquette and C.R.E.A.T.E.

Cisco phone system

How can we improve?
We can use C.R.E.A.T.E as a tool, even over the phone.

Which elements are relevant to inbound calls at TGG?

Relationship Building
Explore Needs
Art of the Demo
Show them what your doing and step them through the process of fixing the problem for next time- if possible.

possibly put the info refarding education here? or could we discuss antother topic?We want to empower our team with information to better utilise our services adn to also make the best decision
Total Solution
Ensure all queries are covered.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

to replace solution focuessed - quickly gain significant results
Ensure the Sale
What can you do to make sure your customers leave happy and with their solution?

I will send you a copy of the work order to make it easier for you to follow up if you need
The first thing we see or hear is more easily recalled and has greater influence on perception.
Primacy Effect
Answering a Call
Can we commit to answering all calls within 3 rings?

Can we create a TGG standard greeting?

Stacking customers.
Importance of taking messages

The Good Guys
'On Hold' Best Practice
What can we achieve in terms of Remarkable Telephone Service?
Our Phone System
What are the capabilities of our phone system, how can we use them to their full capacity?

Parking/holding/transferring calls - let's set some guidelines.

Paging Etiquette.
What does that look like?
Remarkable message taking.

Message follow up.

Is there something we can do differently to improve our customers' experience?
Ask the right questions to get the right answers
Closing a Call
Closing a call positively is fundamental to a customer's experience.
Recency Effect
Our customer's perception of us is influenced by the last thing they see or hear from us.
Our Telephone System
Current capabilities

Process ideas going forward
Where To From Here?
Anything further?
Next steps for rollout
Mystery callers

Our People Community Page
Inbound Telephone
Etiquette -Video

A positive telephone contact experience is just as important as a positive in store experience.
The initial contact should leave the customer feeling comfortable in engaging in further conversation with the store.
Begin to build a relationship with the caller that allows them to feel confident that they have called the right place.
Be confident in yourself and express your confidence in TGG and your fellow team members.
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