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Green Buildings

This presentation is to give the audience a brief information about what Green buildings are?

Maryamy Al Marzouqi

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Green Buildings

- Define Green building
- Elements of Green Building:
Materials efficiency
Energy efficiency
Water efficiency
Reduce Waste
- The benefits
- The Cost
- Conclusion
- Examples of Green Building Objective Materials efficiency What are the Materials that is used in Green Building? Green Building Manal Mohamed 201113775
Mariam Yousif 200804745
Mouza Khubaib 200903186 Done by Selection Criteria Energy efficiency - Forms and types

- The process of energy Conservations Methods of saving energy in Green Building through, electricity, heating, cooling and lightning. How does the energy that is used sustain the environment. What is Green Building?? Water efficiency low-flow plumbing fixtures.

Recycling of wastewater.

Limit the use of potable water for landscape irrigation. Reduce Waste Recycling wastes

Landscapes The benefits of Green building I. Environmental benefits

II. Economic benefits

III. Social benefits Protect ecosystems & biodiversity
Reduce solid waste
Improve air and water quality Environmental benefits Economic benefits Increased property values
Improved employee productivity and job
Energy and water savings Social benefits Improve overall quality of life
Enhance occupant comfort and health
Reduce poverty Timber/Lumber Bamboo Straw Clay The Cost Conclusion Let's recap Examples of Green Buildings Projects Recycled & Reusable Renewable (Natural) Locally available Durable
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