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Interactive Notation System to Effective Reading & Thinking (INSERT)

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Jennifer Castillo

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Interactive Notation System to Effective Reading & Thinking (INSERT)

Interactive Notation System to Effective Reading & Thinking (INSERT)

Jennifer Castillo
pg. 70-71

Developed to encourage students to become active readers.

INSERT provides students w/ opportunities to reflect about what they know & encourages them to make some decisions about the ideas expressed in the txt.

That monitoring/clarifying is a reading comprehension strategy that involves our constantly asking ourselves, "Does this make sense?" & adapting strategic processes to make the msg. clear.

Then Explain that INSERT helps us to self-question, monitor, & summarize as we read. Introduce the 4 symbols to be inserted into the txt & explain what ea. means: A checkmark if the info. in the txt. verifies what is on the brainstormed list.
A plus sign if the info. is new
A minus sign if you don't agree with the info.
A question mark if there is something that is confusing.
Introduce a short txt & think-aloud as you brainstorm what you know about the topic.

Write your brainstormed list on board or overhead projector.

Begin reading the txt. Insert a symbol ea. time you come across info that you feel matches the meaning of that symbol.

After you finish reading the txt, go back & discuss the symbols that you marked on the post-its.

Give students another txt & have them work w/ partners to brainstorm what they know of the topic.

Encourage them to finish post-its

After they are finished invite them to discuss & summarize the txt. Practice

Allow students to use INSERT independently by providing them w/ a txt.
Encourage students to brainstorm what they know.
Then monitor & assist as needed
Have them discuss their completed post-its and summarize the txt. Reflect Invite students to reflect on how using INSERT helps us to self-question, monitor, & summarize as we read.

Encourage students to think about other situations in which they can use INSERT Guide Demonstrate Explain STEPS: Insert Other Content English: Reading passages from plays; you can use other symbols like C=cause, E= Effect, O=Opinion
Art: Show pictures of certain periods like the Gothic & introduce new items to look @ like the Flying Buttress
Kinesiology: Focusing on nutrition & health classes, giving them passages to read.
Music: When teaching a new piece of music, play it & have the stud. notate which measure they liked or what sounded familiar.
Math: When given a word problem, it can be used to decode the txt
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