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Ball Don't Lie By Matt De La Pena

No description

Max O'Brien

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Ball Don't Lie By Matt De La Pena

Ball Don't Lie Book Talk Max O'Brien Book Talk Matt De La Pena -Sticky
-Guys at the rec center, Dallas
-Ahn-thu Main Character Sticky is in foster care so he bounces around from house to house in Los Angeles and is occasionaly homless in between foster care placements. He spends most of his time at the local rec center playing basketball. Setting Sticky has faced many challenges throughout his life including having a severe case of OCD, living with his prostitute mother, being abused by the men she brings home, boucing around foster homes, and living on the streets between failed placements. Sticky finds the only place he can go to escape all of his troubles is the basketball court. Basketball is what he lives for and without it ther would be no way for him to get away from his extremely difficult life. Summary Max O'Brien Ball Don't Lie
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