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Henry Ford II

No description

Cameron Juskevics

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Henry Ford II

Henry Ford II
Jimmy Johns
Jimmy Johns delivers up to a certain distance and Henry Ford II is just out of their delivery zone. Kids who want Jimmy Johns for lunch will no longer have to leave and skip class and risk getting in trouble to get their food. They can have it delivered right to the main doors of the school.
This map is a map of Sterling Heights for the teenage students
of Henry Ford II high school. This map will show the things
teenagers would want close to their school. These are the things
they want but don't have.
Starbucks is a must have around a high school. A lot of high school students drink coffee in the morning. If there was a Starbucks near by they wouldn't have to get up and make coffee in the morning and they could stop and get it. This also gives them a wide variety of coffee to buy in the morning.
Gas Station
This would be perfect for high school kids who drive because there are always kids who run out of gas on the way to school and the way home. This also gives kids the option to get a pop or chips for lunch.
Taco Bell
Taco Bell was the go to for the
teenagers in Sterling Heights.
That is the hangout for most high
school kids.
With a mall close by teenagers can go spend all their parents money on things. Teenagers also hangout at the mall when they don't have anything to do.
My City
For teenagers these are the main places that they will
go and hangout at. With all of these right by school
they always have options before and after school to
go to. they also have places to hangout at.
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