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The Irritated Version of said prezi

No description

Hailey Moore

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of The Irritated Version of said prezi

The History Of This Rad Guy
his philosophy is intellectually amusing to think about. His mental functions are minimal. He is most likely white, and over 50 years old. he's probably dead, though his ideas continue to plauge us
normal people follow erikson's beliefs
Older Babes
Early Childhood: Years 1-3
The Play Age
Years 3-6
Yes They Can Finally Start Working
The School Age: Years 6-12
And Last but not least:
Adolescence: Years 12-19
The Babes
Infancy: years 0-1
thats totally me btw
Conflict: Basic Trust vs. Mistrust
Resolution: Hope
Culmination In Old Age: Appreciation amd interdependence
Conflict: Autonomy vs. Shame
Virtue: Will
What They Learn: Acceptance that they aren't special in any way and that life disintegrates via the cycle of life
Conflict: Initiative vs. Guilt
Virtue: Purpose
What They Learn: Empathy, Humor, and Resilience
against the haters
You will never achieve
anything you lil scum
lol whatevr old man i cant
hear u ovr my swag
Conflict: industry vs. inferiority
Virtue: Competence
What To Learn: Submission to the system (the government) Acceptance of unfulfilled hopes
Also Learn: Their Place in the
sensitive society we know and love
conflict: Identity vs. confusion
Resolution: Fidelity (Faithfulness)
What We Need To Learn: How complex
life is, how to think logically. oh and we must be as wise if not more so than the adults we are forced to co-exist with
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