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Changes in Rio de Janeiro & Houston

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Breanna Johnson

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Changes in Rio de Janeiro & Houston

Changes in Rio de Janeiro & Houston
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What is Urban Change?
Urban change is when a city or area goes through a development.
Examples of Urban Changes (Houston)
Urban Change happens rapidly. In Houston it was once about cattle and crops. Now we have cars that take us places. We also, just go grocery shopping. The average yearly salary in 1913 was just $585.00. Not every two week or month, but yearly. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!! Now it is $13k a year. THAT'S MORE LIKE IT!! \($.$)/
Examples of Urban Change
(Rio de Janeiro)
There are mutiple changes in Rio de Janeiro. There education wasn't as good as it is now. They newer technology that helps the students recieve and comprehend education better. The also have stronger religions and beliefs due to the fact the they have new churches. Their Negative POpulation Growth has decreased. This is happening because of their mew hospitals. Their hospitals have ne technology and new medicine.
Push & Pull Factors(Houston)
Push Factors- The horrible traffic. Also, the extreme summer heat and droughts. They have a huge population growth with very little space. There aren't many places amusement park for kids.

Pull Factors- There are multiple places for you to hunt, without you having to leave state. You can easily access the beaches, such as Galveston beach. They're quiet surroundings, and good fertile soil.
Push and Pull Factors (Rio de Janeiro)
Push- They have horrible medical service. They don't have luxuries, but Sao Paulo does because of his economic status.
Pull- Brazil has becomed one of the top medical tourisms destinations in South America due to the relatively low fees compared to other countries. Many of the private hospitals offer a complete procedure package which includes the prodecure, hospital stay, and leasure lodging.
How do certain elements effect the character of the place?
The way people act or how a place is set up has a huge impact on the character of the country. If there are bad people then people believe the place is bad. Usually when it comes to culture the whole city shares it. Every element effect the character or how people veiw that certain place. All of the elements depent on the people in that area.
How are they alike?
They are both highly polluted areas.
The polution effects the death population growth of the enviroment. Their death population growth is increasing. Their yearly precipitation are alike. They are both important cities in the countries.
How are they different?
In Rio de Janeiro the people aren't aloud to swim in the water. They aren't aloud to do this because the water is very polluted. Here in Houston we are aloud to swim in the water. In Houston we create recycling organization they don't "recycle" in Rio de Janeiro.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Houston, Texas both have major differences and similarities. Even though they are far away from each other doesn't mean a single thing.
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