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Evgenia Ostrovskaya

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Online-Marketing_Post-Module_Evgenia_Ostrovskaya

Evgenia Ostrovskaya, WU,Wien, October 2012 Trends in online-Marketing and Social media marketing Online marketeers need to think about end user needs in
content to succeed in search engine ratings. Times of search builder spider are gone..... "With link building, Google’s just making it tougher and tougher to artificially inflate rankings. What they want is natural content, stuff that end users actually would care about. If that’s what you’re thinking about, the end user, rather than just a search engine spider, you’re going to be able to create link building content that will help you rise in the SERPs" - Michael Schwartz Google+ impacting search engine rankings
Google+ for Business crucial for 2012
70 Million users for Google+ since June 2011
Social engagement for all major sites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) more important to SEO Social Media and SEO Merge *James Gurd What will be the trends of next years?
Some examples... Use of Mobile devices This will be a year of bargain hunting because the economy is still recovering and consumers have more price-checking tools at their fingertips.

So use your marketing to attract shoppers with unbeatable deals. Then seek profits by generating repeat sales and referrals from your new customers. Also, be ready to respond with instant price reductions or other incentives when shoppers use mobile devices to compare retailers' prices.
Deals and Rewards application Mobile pull marketing means giving consumers ways to interact with your advertising over mobile devices, and pulling them closer to a purchase decision.

To use mobile pull marketing, combine a call-to-action with traditional advertising. For example, ask customers to retrieve a coupon by texting a keyword to a short code or by taking a picture of the coupon in a print publication.
Mobile Pull Marketing Mobile push marketing means sending promotional messages through texts and voice calls.

It's still relatively expensive for small businesses to become bulk senders of texts and voice calls. Instead, invest in your email list. Emails are much less expensive than texts and can contain unlimited content.
Mobile Push Marketing More important than ever
Google expanding the importance of local search
4 Billion local searches on Google per month
20% of all searches are for local products/services
61% of all local searches result in a purchase
55% of use mobile to buy local products/services
Local Search Grows in Importance Reputation is crucial As online becomes more valuable, so does your online reputation
90% of people trust online reviews
78% search a company online before buying product/service
..And Reviews Play a Huge Role Review sites have a big impact on sales
4/5 customers REVERSE a purchase after reading negative online review
Search results now include reviews
You need to gather, verify and syndicate positive reviews *Nielson report, Global Advertising: Consumers Trust Real Friends and Virtual Strangers the Most, 2009.
Nurture Every Lead As online becomes more competitive, leads are more valuable
Every lead must be nurtured via email
50% of leads are not ready to buy right away
10x better response rate of lead nurturing than email blast *Hubspot, Introduction to Lead Nurturing, 2011.
Customers now finding products/service on the go
Mobile optimized websites are crucial
HTML 5 sites means mobile SEO will replace apps
71% of users search after seeing mobile ad
53% purchase due to mobile search
90% of mobile search results in action
*BIA Kelsey: Consumers Trust Real Friends and Virtual Strangers the Most, 2011.
Video Search Is Gaining Traction More important as web moves mobile & more interactive
Videos bigger part of Google’s search results
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