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Earthquake/Tsunami; Messina, Italy

By Meghan Griffiths and Abigail Ellis:)

abigail ellis

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Earthquake/Tsunami; Messina, Italy

Earthquake/Tsunami; Messina, Italy By: Meghan Griffiths and Abigail Ellis Posizione; Location in Italian Messina, Italy 38 degrees North, 15 degrees East. Epicenter: Under the Straight of Messina, separates the island of Sicily After Before Effetti; Effects in Italian Did the people rebuild? :Destroyed tons of coastal cities
:Caused loss of food, water, and shelter
:293 after shocks caused major damage as well
:90% of building were destroyed
:Everything was covered in 16 feet of soil
:Did NOT affect air travel
:There were over 100 thousand deaths
:7.5 magnitude, quake was 20+ seconds
:Waves were more than 40 feet tall Yes, the people did rebuild, with their president backing them the whole way. They believe that they can rebuild it, but it will take decades to get it back to the way it was. "The enormity of the destruction of Messina is really beyond one’s imagination. All the
buildings in the city were, with a very few exceptions, considerably cracked or absolutely reduced to masses of
ruin...." The architecture was greatly improved over time, with stronger supports, and better building materials. It took a long time, and they are still rebuilding, though it is almost as good as it was. If our location had another strike, it would be devastating. It has take over a 100 years, and they aren't even finished rebuilding. What plate line was the event on? The plate line was most likely the Eurasian plate because Italy falls almost exactly on the edge, with the island of Sicily not far off. It was a divergent boundary. Two facts we learned about tsunamis/earthquakes/volcanos: Meghan: Abbie: Tsunamis normally occur with an earthquake of a 6 magnitude. That there was an epicenter (middle) of any volcano, tsunami, or earthquake. Facts about the location: Meghan: Abbie: Messina, Italy is a developing city Messinas earthquake/tsunamis was one of the top ten devastating disastors in the world! Predictions: We think that the reason why these events are happening so often is because of where they are placed around the Ring of Fire. This is because in class, we focused on how many earthquakes happen in this area. Background of Area: BEFORE: Messina, Italy was a very developed city, built with art and creativity. AFTER: Messina was devastated after the quake. The city was destroyed from the coast to the center of the city. "Not a place in this world could have prepared for this event," said officials. "But we will get back up as if it never happened!" They are still rebuilding to this day.
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