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How data flows through a computer system By George Collins

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George Collins

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of How data flows through a computer system By George Collins

Main Memory The Main memory permanently saves all
the data that the user wants to save by
inputting it through to the CPU which
saves the data to a hard drive. Secondary storage The secondary storage is the RAM or
Random Access Memory, temporarily
saves the data into the RAM which are
long sticks of memory within the
However it wont save until it is told to
be permanently saved into the main
memory. Input Output Process The CPU also know as the brain of the computer
takes on all the instructions given by an input device.
The CPU will then output it to a output device such as speakers. The processor outputs the instructions to what ever you want it to, for example the monitor will show a change of page if you have click to do this. The input puts in instructions for the
CPU which processes the instructions.
The instructions are given by a user
through a input device like a keyboard. By George Collins How data flows through a computer system
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