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Vincent Ma

on 14 May 2010

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How have things changed in the past 10 years with regards to the digital world? How is the world different with the internet? How have things changed since your parents were in school? Where do you see the changes going? Are these changes good or bad? My opinion? Web 2.0 Wikis Blogs Social Networking Cloud Techonology The Digital Divide New Media Wikipedia Wiki Software Facebook Myspace Online Communication Ward Cunningham Made First Wiki Online database Made on March 25, 1995 Some say it is unreliable Easily edited Some are private, other are public First called "wiki wiki" Means "fast" Community
Twitter Groups Connections Friendships Relationships The gap between people with and without digital technology Also can tell us about poverty Poor don't have technology The fortunate people own techonology. Use to be about owning a computer One laptop per child or 50x15 are solutions Emergence of digital, computerized, or networked information and communication technologies Is Not: television books films magazine Examples: internet websites computer multimedia dvds computer games Digital data controlled by a software Computers Internet Open source software Interactive Evolution of the internet Free Changable by anyone No true owner Plenty of contributions made Moodle is example Allows plenty of persectives Software changes a lot Cost efficient Reliable Secure Easy maintence Easy to upgrade Scalability Multi-tenancy Mainframe - Client server Posting Journal Comment Reader Author Website Digital Native New generation Grew up with technology 1970+ technically Generally 21st century Opposite to digital immigrant Refer to time period of birth Not the preference Globalization Information Communication Efficiency Technology Communication Globalization More information Easy to access Good and bad Good if we use for the right reasons Bad if we abuse it We have to draw a line Will only get better Faster More efficient More interactive Portable
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