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Book Report Project McKenzie Craig

No description

Hull Elementary

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Book Report Project McKenzie Craig

Frame #1
Title: Splintered
Author: A. G. Howard
Book Genre: Fantasy
Book sub-genre: Adventure
Narrative point of view: first person
Author's purpose: To give another meaning to
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
In this exciting and thrilling book, Alice's, from
Alice in Wonderland
, great-great-great-granddaughter finds out her family is cursed because of the mistakes Alice made in Wonderland. So it is up to Alyssa, the great-great-great-granddaughter, to go back to Wonderland to fix those mistakes. On the way she meets new creatures, finds out family secrets, and figures out why and how her family was cursed!

One of the main characters from Splintered is Alyssa, who is trying to save her family's curse. There is also another character, Jeb, who is Alyssa's friend who goes on the journey with her. The last important character in Splintered is Morpheus, who Alyssa's guide through the journey.
Main Characters
One of the minor characters is Alyssa's mom, Alison; who is at a facility for psychological treatments. Alyssa's dad who accepts Alison for who she is.
Minor Characters

The setting of the book, Splintered, takes place mostly in Wonderland. The setting takes place in present time and they go to the ocean of tears, Mad Hatter's tea party, the White court, and Red court in Wonderland.
In Splintered, the most important events that happen in the book are when Alyssa starts here quest to save the curse and also gets back home through the portal in the White Court.
Main Events
The problem of the story is that Alyssa needs to break her family's curse, or her mom will go through dangerous psychological treatments that might end her life.
The rising actions of the book, Splintered, is when Alyssa is in the real world in the beginning of the book. She finds out about the creatures of wonderland and the history of her family by looking it up on the internet.
Rising Actions
The climax of the book, Splintered, is when Alyssa is Wonderland, saving her family's curse. She fixes Alice's "mistakes" by giving a tea party guest her gloves and fan back and awaking Hattington, (Mad Hatter), a rabit, and Door Mouse.
The Climax
Book Report Project, McKenzie Craig
The theme
Falling action
The falling action in Splintered was when Alyssa needed the Ivory Queen out of the jabberlock box but the only way she could get her out was if someone else whould take her place forever. As Alyssa was trying to find a different way to get the Ivory Queen out of the Jabberlock box, she found out that Morpheus, her guide, was evil. When she ran away from him, she found out that her friend, Jeb, took the Ivory Queen's place in the Jabberlock box and was locked in there.
The theme i learned from the story is that
imagination is a powerful thing and you should never give up on what you believe in
Strategies I used
#1. I used the cover
#2. I looked back on some pages
I would recomend this book to my friends if they are interested in it. The reason why i say this book is because it has fantasy and adventure.
The resolution of Splintered is when remembered she still had a wish from a creature in wonderland and she wished for Jeb to come out of the box so they can both ride the portal back to their world. When she came back, Alyssa went to the psych facility and told the docters to not have the shock treatments on her mother and Alyssa told her mother that she broke the family's curse.
About the Author
A. G. Howard worked in a school library and her pastimes are reading, rollerblading, gardening, and family trips to 18th centry graveyards.
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