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Ryan Backer

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of Calvinism

Committing a sin = committing a crime
Calvinists believed that the faithful could have a relationship with God
Bible taught rules about how to live daily lives
Rules in religion should be the laws for the government
Sin and Salvation
Believed salvation was decided before birth= predestination
World is full of sin only for people who are already destined to sin
Calvin taught rules to discipline people and keep them from sinning
People followed strict rules to show they were saved
Rituals and Worship
Community Life
Religious Laws based on bible
Children born could only be named certain biblical names
No bars allowed, Inns had to have bibles for all guests, had to be asleep by 9, no swearing, dancing, gambling, or insults.
Anyone that disobeyed rules was punished.
If offenders behavior didn't improve in 6 months, they were banned.
Believed correct behavior showed who would go to heaven.
Group 3 Calvinism
Ultimate Source of Authority
John Calvin was the founder of Calvinism. In 1530 he founded Calvinism, to go against the normal catholic religion. It was founded in Switzerland. Faith was a gift from God. Every one has a planned destiny before they are born.
Met up 5 times a week for church
Church included of long sermons and the proper way to live by bible.
People sat around the minister during church.
The minister asked. questions and if you got it wrong you got punished.
Ryan and Brad
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