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Untitled Prezi

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Baimon Wisalsawad

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Watch out! It all started on the 'Ship of Wonders', is what they called it. It truly was, just the way it could hold it's shape together every time the harsh waves shook it from side to side.
I had to happen to wander aboard the old thing and next thing I knew I was swaying softly on the magnificent 'Ship of Wonders'.
I had found a small corner on the ship but wasn't familiar as I'm just a Katipo that usually lives on the sand dunes in New Zealand. So anyways there I was all shriveled up due to the icey breeze waiting for my destination... The journey Got there in the end Taking it all in Dark places I saw a tree nearby so I stumbled towards it when I noticed that inside the tree was, a slumbering mosquito. I laughed evil-ishly in my head and started to prepare for my breakfast.
As usual I faced my rear-end towards the prey and started to bundle up my food. Now I have my breakfast I'm going to explore some more of this rainforest. As I kept walking my legs began to tire so I decided to take a snooze.
While I was doing so I sensed the presence of another animal. I awoke at the scene and just survived a vicious dragonfly attack. Sticking out my poisonous fangs, I stuck it deep into the wing of the predator and made it fall silently to the ground.
Next time I take doze i will choose my hiding place a bit better. By Baimon! Rainforest of Madagascar Months had passed and I finally was able to get on land. This all seemed to be a strange and unfamiliar sight to me as it was in fact an island. If I were to just walk a few meters, I would fall straight into the depths of the ocean. I took myself along a path which the humans were going but after a while lost track of them.
I had given up hope at this point as I knew that this was all going downhill from here. It's day 2 of my new adventure and I'm beginning to starve. I had to find food and fast.
The closer I looked at my surroundings the more I could tell it was most definitely a rainforest, no kidding. You know how I could tell? Well because the rain was beating down on me, that's how and also it was a... forest!
I knew that I wasn't going to find any moths or flies here so I'll just make do with the things I have.
The ground was damp and if I built a web here it's going to start dripping with water. Goodbye, for now! So this concludes my journey but don't worry I will have a lot more adventures in the wonderful land and I will make sure that I show it with all of you!
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