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Chapter 5

No description

Savannah Ahrens

on 29 December 2017

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Transcript of Chapter 5

Partners and Sponsors of the NCSA
Motel 6
The Game
For any other questions, concerns, advice or guidance - do not hesitate to call or email Tracy Reardon at 412-321-8440 x 109 Tracy.Reardon@CollClubSports.com
Official Lodging Partner of the NCSA

Motel 6 features more than 1,200 locations across the United States. Not only will NCSA teams have many options at their disposal, Motel 6 will also discount their rates by 10% to all NCSA teams! Contact Alex @ the NCSA with any questions! Alex.Kane@CollClubSports.com or 421-321-8440 x105
Official Headwear Provider of the NCSA

The National Club Softball Association is excited to be partnering with The Game as the Official Headwear Provider of the NCSA. All NCSA teams can purchase all of The Game’s products at exclusive pricing – everything from baseball caps, to visors to beanies. All products will feature the NCSA logo and can be fully customized. Contact Felicia @ the NCSA to learn more! Felicia.Battaglia@CollClubSports.com or 412-321-8440 x107
Chapter 5
Partners and Sponsors of the NCSA
NCSA Fundraisers
Fundraising Ideas and Suggestions
The NCSA only endorses fundraising programs that are reputable, lucrative amd not labor-intensive. We word hard to find programs that benefit both the individual teams as well as the league. The programs that we choose to partner with work closely with teams to help them raise the money they need and at the same time, support the league as a whole.
Save an Easy $100
An easy way to save $100 is to pay your dues by January 31st and take advantage of the early payment discount.
FundRazr is more than just a means of fundraising - it's the best way to raise money online. A global software program based in Vancouver, FundRazr is the innovative solution for any group that is looking to raise money for the organizations, teams and causes that they support. So what sets FundRazr apart? As a crowdfunding platform, each and every FundRazr campaign has the ability to reach friends, supporters and their networks through social media and online networking.
Share your fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, team websites and blogs, and spread the word via email. FundRazr helps you create an interactive campaign that allows people to better understand why they should fund your team. Contact Tracy Reardon by phone at 412-321-8440 x 109 or by email at Tracy.Reardon@CollClubSports.com or visit their website: https://fundrazr.com/?partner=CollClub
These are fundraising suggestions that have been used and recommended by club softball teams in previous years. They are not officially endorsed by the NCSA, but they may work for you.
Quick ways to make small amounts of money:
Bake Sale
Car Wash
More Time, More Money:
Softball Clinic
"Team Night"
Donation/ Sponsorship Letter
Local Sponsors

There are different types of raffles you can hold and different prizes you can award the winner(s). Some teams may be more successful using items for prizes while other teams may choose a monetary prize. The following are some ideas for raffles:
If your school has a prominent football or basketball team, raffle off tickets for a ball signed by the team and/or one signed by the coach
Sell raffle tickets for an electronic device or some sort of service that would appeal to a wide range of people
Do a large raffle with multiple prizes ranging in value. This type of raffle works especially well if you are able to get local businesses to donate prizes, even small ones, such as gift certificates or free food deals
Do a "50/50 Raffle" in which the total amount of money made from the ticket sales is divided equally between the team and the winner.
When doing a raffle, make sure you do the math. Set a number of tickets that each girl must sell and have them pay for the tickets to get her money back. This ensures that your team will not lose money and also motivates girls to sell all their tickets.
** You may be required to purchase a "Small Game of Chance License" from the county before holding a raffle. You can usually find information about what this license is and how to obtain one on your county website. **
Softball Clinic
Hosting a softball clinic for young girls in the area can be a great way to reach out to your local community while also making money. You'll need to find an affordable location, time, enough team members to plan/run it, and enough girls to attend.
"Team Night"
Some teams are able to set up a deal with a local establishment to host a "Club Softball Night." Basically, you help bring business to the place and they in turn share some of the money they make with you. How you run it will depend on your team, your school and your community. Talk to the local clubs and restaurants to see what kind of deals they are willing to make.
Some restaurants will make a specific night "Club Softball Night," where you promote the event and encourage people to eat at the restaurant that night and you receive a percentage of the profits.
Some establishments might be willing to run a special where you can share in the profits made during a certain block of time one night.
Local businesses are usually interested in helping school organizations because it is mutually beneficial. Designate a day(s) when team members are divided into groups and assigned businesses to approach and discuss fundraising options with.
Donation/ Sponsorship Letter
One of the easiest and fastest ways to earn money is a sponsorship or donation letter. There are companies that will create these letters for you, but they usually charge a pretty hefty penny, so most of the time it's cheaper to create it yourself.
You can then have each player send it to 10-15 different family members, friends, local sponsors, old coaches, etc. In the letter, mention that your team would greatly appreciate any donation. Talk about your team and the exciting things you have going on for the upcoming/current season. Including a team picture is always good too; you know how sentimental people can get about pictures.
And no donation is ever too small, so you don't have to set a limit on it if you don't want to. Have your players over for a team meeting/pizza night and address, stuff and stamp the envelopes together, so you know it's getting done.
Local Sponsors
Getting a local business involved as a sponsor of your team can provide a consistent source of income for your team on a yearly basis. Don't ask for too much at first. Start out asking for small donations to get your foot in the door and build a relationship that will lead to increased donations over time. Remember, many small checks add up to a lot of money.
You can reward and thank your sponsors by providing them with gifts or special treatment such as a plaque or honorary jersey for them to display or the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at one of your games. You can also display sponsor names on banners at your field, on team shirts and apparel, or on your team's website.
Rawlings is the official uniform provider of the NCSA. NCSA member teams will receive 40% off of the catalog price on orders placed from July through November and 35% off the catalog price of orders placed from December through June. These discounts are on jerseys, pants, shorts, jackets, socks and belts. NCSA teams will receive the NCSA logo patch on each jersey, coat, jacket, and pair of pants/shorts they order through Rawlings for free.
Rawlings is the "Official Softball of the National Club Softball Association." All NCSA teams are required to use the official, stamped, Rawlings softball during all NCSA games. Teams will receive two dozen official NCSA game balls as part of their membership. Additional Rawlings game or practice balls can be purchased through Paul Williams at Paul.Williams@CollClubSports.com.
Rawlings Sporting Goods has become the Official Performance Apparel and Protective Equipment Supplier of CollClubSports. Athletes have come to expect high-quality, high performing gear and equipment from Rawlings. That's why Rawlings offers a vast selection of performance apparel that revolutionizes the way people live, work and play. Performance Apparel offered to CollClubSports teams includes items such as performance shirts, shorts, compression shirts and shorts, polo's, sweatshirts, jackets and pants. Rawlings also offers performance based apparel items with Power Balance infused technology that is a favorite among elite athletes.
Not only does this agreement cover Performance Apparel, but CCS teams also have the ability to order the latest and greatest in protective equipment that meets the demands of today's athlete. Rawlings offers a vast selection of protective equipment that covers all CCS teams needs. NCSA teams can take advantage of items like catcher's gear, batting/coaching helmets, and sliding shorts in a variety of colors and sizes. Most of the protective equipment offered is enhanced with Poron XRD and Zoombang technology. Both of these offer athletes added protection with state of the art molecular impact technology. Lastly, teams can order Rawlings cleats which offer maximum comfort and performance on the field.
New Balance
DeMarini /Louisville Slugger
Enterprise/ National
Official Softball Bat Provider of the NCSA

The National Club Softball Association is excited to have DeMarini & Louisville Slugger on board to provide the official bat of the NCSA. All NCSA teams will receive exclusive pricing on ALL bat orders. Contact Joe @ the NCSA for a price quote today! Joe.Shaffer@CollClubSports.com or 412-321-8440 x106
Official Rental Car of the NCSA

The National Club Softball Association is excited to be partnering with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental as the official car rental provider of the National Club Softball Association. All teams will receive discounted pricing on all their vehicles. Enterprise/National will also waive all underage fees. Contact Alex @ the NCSA with any questions! Alex.Kane@CollClubSports.com or 421-321-8440 x105
New Balance is the official footwear partner of the NCSA. New Balance provides our teams with a wide variety of cleats, turf shoes and regular sneakers. All NCSA members will save 25% off any purchase of New Balance footwear. To order, visit the official sponsorship page found through the NCSA website, or click the link: https://www.newbalanceteam.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-nbteam_us-Site/en_US/Team-MemberOrder?orderId=51094

In addition, should teams wish to make an order of 10 or more items, they are encouraged to contact Alex Kane as he would be able to save teams more money through a bulk order.


412-321-8440 x 105
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