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PLe, assessed

No description

Alex Dalley

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of PLe, assessed

My Personal Learning Environment My PLE consists of the online resoursces i use on a day to day basis in order to help me learn and complete assignments and tasks.
The internet is a unique resource as it offers such a large amount of information in one place, however . . . . . . however with such vast amounts of information, naviagtion can become a problem. Google Google is without a doubt one of the most versatile tools on the internet and there is no quicker way to find a cross section of relevant information related to a topic Further to this . . . google has developed several other usefull utilities theese include google book search, which allows the contents of certain relevant textbooks to be viwed online for free Leeds Resources When posed with a task another good place to start is The Portal Here the email link to all of the academic staff means help is readily availiable if needed and the portal is also the easiest way to acces the . . . VLE The "virtual learning environment", providing a bank of all my lectures aswell as numerous supplementary resoursces from departments, is an invaluable revison tool further to this coursework upload functions and module handbooks present mean it is important for administration also
If researching a topic the best place to start is usually Wikipedia wikipedia is good for finding overviews and developing basic understandings of topics but care must be taken when using it due to its user mediated content it is allways best to heed caution data can usually be trusted, but wikipedia should not be thoguht of as infaliable Student consult this website is an incredibly useful time saver allowing me to create my own personal online library with electronic versions of my textbooks making searching thought them and cross referencing immeasurably easier Pub med this online database of journals and citations, and the equivelant sites on the intenet like it are ideal when searching for more specific or obscure pieces of information that would otherwise get lost in the vast array of articles google would provide and is a brilliant way to develop detailed knowledge of topics, such as when writing lab reports
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