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Greece Vocabulary

Social Studies Greece Vocabulary

Kaitlyn Tran

on 15 January 2010

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Transcript of Greece Vocabulary

Peninsula - Body of land with water on three sides Peloponnesus - A peninsula in southern Greece Colony - Settlement in a new territory that keeps close ties with its homeland Polis - The Early Greek citry-state, made up of a city and the surrounding countryside and run like an independant country
Agora - In early Greek city-state, an open area that served as both a market and a meeting place
Tyrant - Person who takes power by force and rules with authority Oligarchy - Government in which a small group of people holds power Democracy - Government in which all citizens share in running the government
Helot - Person who was conquered and enslaved by the ancient Spartans Satrap - Official who ruled a city-state in the Persian Emipire under Darius Satrapies - The 20 states in which Darius divided the Persian Empire Philosopher - Thinker who seeks wisdom and ponders questions about life Representative Democracy - System of government in which people elect leaders to make laws
Greece Vocabulary
Greece Vocabulary Direct Democracy - System of government in which people gather at mass meetings to decide on government matters Zoroastiranism - Persian religionfounded by Zoroaster; taught that humans had the freedom to choose between right and wrong, and that goodness would triumph in the end
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