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Self Portrait

Hi Everyone! This is my Online Self Portrait. I hope you all enjoy it!

Divya Patel

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Self Portrait

Welcome to My Self Portrait
Should we play some music?
Make sure to have your volume up!
By: Divya Patel
Course name: Introduction to Communication Disorders
Course number: LIB.460 DO.0
-I am a current fourth year PharmD student
-Hometown: Union, NJ
-Ethnicity: Indian
-Favorite Hobby: Sleeping
-Overall, I am a fun and loving person who enjoys to be around others

Hi Everyone! Let Me Introduce Myself!

A Little Bit More About Me...
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Subject: Therapeutics and Psychology
Favorite Food: Mexican and of course the occasional Indian food here and there
Favorite Music: Bittersweet Symphony as you can hear
Previous Educational Background
High School
I went to Union High School in Union, NJ
Attending this high school shaped my future because of the professors that I had
It was in high school where I realized that Psychology and Chemistry were two of my favorite subjects
I have made many great friends and memories in my four years of high school
Current Educational Background

MCPHS University in the Boston Campus
I learned how to become a great Healthcare Professional in the years that I have been at this University
I realized that Therapeutics, a course that I am currently taking, is my favorite subject
By the end of my first professional year, which was last year, I knew 100% that Pharmacy is what I wanted to major in
Significant People In My Life
My Parents
I owe everything to my mom and dad
They both have shown and given me love and support throughout my entire life
My dad focuses more on my academics while my mom makes sure that I eat all her food that she makes
Family means everything to me!
My Sister and Brother-In-Law
The reason why I am in Pharmacy school right now
One of the best decisions of my life thanks to these two
Volunteer Work

Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ
Volunteered for two years
Helped me to realize that I wanted to work in a field where I can help and interact with patients of different ages
Enjoyed every bit of the environment
Kumon Math and Reading Center in Union, NJ
My first job
Tutored children from Kindergarten to High School for two years

I still do not know why it is not a smiley face...

Walgreens Pharmacy Intern
Just hired this past December in 2013
Definitely a learning experience
I want to work for Walgreens after I graduate so I know having an intern position right now will definitely help me in the future
Influential Extracurricular Activities

American Pharmacists Association
Active member since 2010
Gained more insight about the field of Pharmacy
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Active member since 2010
Learned about different Residences and Fellowships that I can do after I graduate
Minority Association of Health Professionals
SGA Representative Alternative
Received the opportunity to speak to a few Doctors from Harvard about career opportunities as a Pharmacist
Learned about different ethnic groups and their disparities which has enabled me to become more well rounded
Communication Disorders
I am interested in Communication Disorders because as a Pharmacist in the future, I know that I will encounter situations and people who may have a difficult time communicating
I know how important communication is because of the language barrier that I have with my parents
I hope that from this class, I will be able to apply all my knowledge that I gain about communication disorders in the healthcare setting
I am looking forward to becoming a well rounded Pharmacist
Hope you all enjoyed my presentation! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Thanks for Viewing!

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