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Zach Senner

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Trash Books he has written:
*Ribblesrtop Forever
*Return to Ribblestrop
*The Boy with 2 heads ANDY MULLIGAN was born and raised in Southern London and worked as a theater director there. Taught English in India, Britain, Brazil and the Philippines. The Genre of Trash by Andy Mulligan
is Realistic fiction. Genre Setting The setting of this book is in a 3rd world country where people sort through a large city's trash. one day, Raphael found something that would change his life forever... Protagonist(s) The protagonists in this book are Raphael, Gardo and Jun-Jun. Also known as Rat. By: Andy Mulligan By: Andy Mulligan Trash They play a huge role in this book

Raphael is a 14 year old boy that lives with Gardo in a 3rd world country. He has no parents as they have already died. He probably has long hair and very tattered clothing. He only has one pair of clothes. Antagonist The antagonist in my book, is the police of Behala. They all try to kill the protagonists. (Rat, Raphael and Gardo. The cops probably look fat and determined to kill the three boys. Other people some of the other people in this book, are Raphael's Aunt, Jose Angelico, Gabriel Olondriz, Pia donte, Olivia and Father Julliard. They all interact with Raphael in different ways. Perspective First person perspective is the perspective of this book. Andy made a smart choice in the point of view because he switched up the narrators, In different chapters. Conflict Raphael finds a bag that ends up almost costing his life while being interrogated. by the police. His friends also nearly get killed by police, because they want to get the wallet and map to solve a mystery. Complications Police create conflict within the story. they slow them down alot! Also, money is a complication in this book. they are very poor. Thank You :) Summary Raphael has a friend named Gardo. One day, the two boys find a bag that would change their lives forever.... They would both come close to death itself and danger their families. They will meet now people that will also help them or try to prevent them from their end goal. Devices some of the devices that the author uses in this book are:
Imagery, Foreshadowing, personification and suspense. These all add up to a wonderful book. The suspense also adds in the book wonderfully. You will want to read more and more after every chapter. The foreshadowing tells the reader what might happen next. As with the imagery, the author adds great detail in the book and you can tell he spent time on it. The personification adds an extra splash of detail for the reader Theme: The theme of this book is always stay hidden and don't speak up when around important people Audience Someone that is understanding of people being in poverty and trying to stay away from the cops. Also working towards an end goal... Money Review my review of this book is 4 1/2 stars out of 5. This book is overall really good and fully enjoyable. Have a nice day
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