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the truth about forever...

No description

Erin Liebeck

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of the truth about forever...

the truth about forever by: Sarah Dessen Characterization Setting Conflict Plot Point of View Theme *Protagonist- Macy *Takes place in the present. it happens in Ohio, in a small country town. *The story is told in first person by Macy.
* You can tell it is in first person because sentences start with the word "I".
*An example from the book is when Macy says, "I picked up the piece of paper beside me." *Character vs. Character
*Macy and her boyfriend Jason get in a fight because Jason wants to take a break and Macy just thinks he is being stupid. Expository
*Macy introduces us to her life and all the things that impacted her. * The moral of the story is to be yourself, meet new people, and live life to the fullest. Also, you should not to be afraid to share your feeling with others. Erin Liebeck *Round and Dynamic ~A girl who is looking for a great future and loves to be herself!
~Who saw her father die when she was young which shapes her personality. *Main Character Characterization
continued... *Antagonist- Jason *Flat and Static *Macy's "old" boyfriend who told her that they need to take a break because Macy told him that she loved him. He over reacted and Macy was very upset. * He is a very smart boy and loves to study. He is just to high maintenance for Macy. *Character Vs. Self
*Macy sees her father die and she is just beating herself up and sometimes not even knowing what to do about it or what to do with all of his old things. Rising Action
*Macy and her boyfriend go on a break.
*Macy gets a catering job at "Wish".
*Her sister, Caroline, comes to visit her and her mom.
*Macy meets a nice boy named, Wes and the start hanging out, A LOT. Climax
*Macy, her mom, and Caroline rebuild her dad's old beach house! This is a sad time, but it makes them all understand that everything happens for a reason and that they need to move on because the past...is the past Falling Action
*Wes and Macy get in a big argument , but end up coming to a resolution and make up. Resolution
*Wes and Macy get together and they become a couple! Mood *The story gives you multiple moods.
1-Sad when Macy's father dies.
2-Happy when Macy and Wes get together. Style Tone *The style is, mostly encouraging because it is telling you how she boosted up her confidence and got through rough situations. *no one is perfect *changes always happen *be yourself *let the past...be the past THE END!!! :) Thank You! :) <3 :) =-) :) <3 BYE!!!!!!!!!!
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