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My Professional Learning in Guidance

No description

Sarah Chow

on 6 July 2014

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Transcript of My Professional Learning in Guidance

Enhancing awareness of holistic learning environments conducive to the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, linguistic, cultural, spiritual and moral development of the student
6.1: Professional Learning
Exploring other avenues of learning beyond the classroom
Guiding questions to be answered throughout the course through research, investigations, my colleagues, discussions and course content
What else do I need to know?

Research community resources available within my area (Toronto)
Other environments to learn
Activities and content within the classroom that are relevant to career paths
Effective ways of communication
What other resources can I tap to support students within the community?
Are there experiential learning opportunities available within my teachable - Science & Phys Ed?
How do I get the word out?
Is there funding available?
What Questions has this Raised?
Next Steps:

1. Find resources & learning opportunities within the GTA that are economically feasible
2. Activities that are outside the box to make curriculum relevant
3. Find ways to communicate to students and parents effectively

How can I make personal meaning from this?
My beliefs:
Find a student's interest and use that as a motivator and guide in planning their path
Students who find meaning in what they are learning tend to succeed
As a coach, I find students develop skills like cooperation, leadership & sportsmanship they cannot learn from textbooks, but equally as valuable
Role of guidance counsellors have changed -- mental health
Opportunities are out there, you just have to look
Obtain biology credits from the Toronto Zoo
Credits Summer Programs at U of T for enrichment in Medicine and Law
University tours to explore careers (i.e. York University has tours in their Health Science department)
What Did I Learn?
Bring strategies and activities that stress-free learning environment to help with mental health (i.e. Yoga, bike riding around neighborhood)
Lots of students don't know what there is to offer outside school - must find a way to communicate the wealth of opportunities
Taking this AQ course hopefully sheds some light on my questions. I know my collegues will have experience to lend me their invaluable insights to my questions!
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