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No description

Cristina Vizcaya

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Skittles

The 21 students that we asked what their favorite Skittle is.
Excluded: Deformed skittles(had multiple colors)
Data Analyses
For our experiment we found that yellow is the most common in the bags.
For the people that we asked what their favorite color was, we found that red was the most liked.
We found that the colors in the bags were not evenly distributed
First we went out and each bought a bag of original skittles
Then we recorded ounces in each bag.
Opened the bags with scissors, one by one
Poured them onto a piece of paper.
Seperated the skittles by color (red, orange, green, yellow, and purple)
Counted each color group
Recorded each number that resulted from counting each group.
Proceeded to do the same with the other 2 bags.
After counting skittles, asked 21 people which color they preferred.

As a final result, we found that when we include the data of the 15.4 oz bag with the two 14 oz bags, the company that makes Skittles makes more yellow, which is the second most liked of the colors within the original Skittles bag. When we exclude the third bag the most produced color was green, which is not very popular with the public. The most liked color for the public seems to be red, and that is one of the least made colors, when we only include the two 14 oz. bags. We also found that orange was the least popular when we asked the 21 students which color they preferred, and it was also the least produced with the company. Which in turn leads us to believe that no, the colors are not evenly distributed in the Skittles bags. Since red is the most liked and least produced within Skittles bags, it leads us to believe that it is more expensive to make red because of its flavor.
By Cristina, Francisca, Tanner
We bought three bags of skittles (1,207 Skittles)
Two of the bags contained 14 oz.
The other bag had15.4 oz.
Piece of paper to put skittles on top of
Ourselves, so we could count them
As a group we were trying to find a correlation between the most popular skittle with the public and the most common skittle in the bag, and its even distribution within the colors.
-Dropped a few on floor and couldn't find them, and didn't see what color they were. Some came deformed and had more than one color on it. Cristina and Tanner ate some before we started. When we asked people for favorite skittle, some didn't have a favorite; others didn't like it in general.

We were trying to find the distribution of the colors, and a correlation between the most popular skittle with the public and the most common skittle in the bag. We did this by buying and counting 3 bags of skittles. We found that the colors are not evenly distributed, and that the company makes less of what the public seems to like.
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