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Copy of Copy of Tablet Computers in Education and The Future Direction of Technology

What are tablet computers. How they can be used creatively in the classroom. Their strengths and weaknesses. What the release of a full Windows 8 tablet means for greater connectivity. Thinking about technology, not as it is but what it will be.

Jonathan Ling

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Tablet Computers in Education and The Future Direction of Technology

The aim of this digital plan is to provide a
level of technology that is
in the use of resources and maximises
teaching and learning
opportunities. The plan that has been devised is;
5 Year Digital Literacy Strategic Plan Teaching and Learning
Flexible home- school access is key via VLE
Professional learning communities-Fundamental
ICT Mark-school champions
New technologies
Up to date/current
Cost effective goal
No surprises to minimise costs
Improve teaching and Learning
Proposed plan aims to;
enable the school to cope with updating hardware on a rolling programme (50-60 new computers)
maintain and replace servers where necessary
increase bandwidth and upgrade wireless technology
take control of Website from the local authority and creating our own VLE (New domain name)
increase website and server robustness through greater training (autonomy) and server visualisation
adopt a printer management system to reduce costs (Papercut).
Cowbridge ICT cluster
Local collaboration
5 Year Digital Literacy Strategic Plan Teaching and Learning- Summary
Adoption of new technologies (tablets, BYOD, mobile management) and music studio
Providing improved access from home and outside the classroom for staff and students for SIMS and resources
SIG Digital Technologies (current progress) and Teaching and Learning groups
Cowbridge ICT cluster
ICT Mark through Naace
Fully functioning and accessible VLE
Internet and social network Safety & Wellbeing
Apprentice technologists (ICT support programme linked to WBQ).

mobile management
RM Portico
Google docs
Technical aspects to underpin T&L
SIMS Emerge
tranche 3
Internet safety and cyber wellbeing
All pupils should reach their goals
Digital technology
Teaching and Learning
Peer CPD
24 hour learning
National Professional Development Programme -Staff accreditation in ICT
music studio
Valewide PLC
Cowbridge Comprehensive School ICT Plan
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