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Emerging Technologies: The Stark Hand

No description

Lexi Taylor

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Emerging Technologies: The Stark Hand

The Bionic Hand Stark Hand Description Benefits and Society Want To Buy It? By: Lexi Taylor
4th Block
October 1st, 2012 This new invention, the Stark Hand, was
created by Mark Stark. He wanted people
who had lost hands to be able to have them once
again. This vision was inspired by his friend
Dave. It was starting to be created in 2004 but the final prototype was finished in 2011. It is a bionic hand; it can allow people
with hooks as hands to be able to have
access to a moving hand. It's a metal human
hand basically. The Stark Hand is
a system of hooks and sockets.
It is attached to a harness. A person who
has a lost a body limb is called an amputee.
Next, someone would help the amputee put this
attachment on. The hand is equipped with a spring level. With
this tool, the person using the Stark Hand can
pick up items as small as eggs and larger items
like chairs. Whenever a person moves his or her shoulder,
the hand's fingers curl out and when the shoulder
relaxes, the fingers slowly curl back in. It will help society by first
helping people who have
lost a hand or both
to whatever cause. A person with a missing hand would want to buy this because it is able to let him or her have a working hand once again. All he or she would have to do it purchase it then simply attach it to his or her shoulder. The product is in the beginning stages of being made for the
public. It costs from $17,000-$18,000. A prosthetic manufacturer
has considered great thought into making the Stark Hand a product on the market. This invention is
very helpful to
people who want to have
two hands once again.
It allows people to hold and
grip items such as eggs or chairs. Summary It comes with all parts of a hand: the
knuckles, fingers, even the thumb. The hand
is stronger than a human hand because the joints are made of strong plastics and metals. Also when I started looking up this invention, I thought of Tony Stark from Iron Man. The End!
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