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Marketing Roadmap

Marketing 101 presentation for UA VPRDOGI

Frank Camp

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Roadmap

Demographics, psycographics and plain-old-graphics!
Does your unit really target "everyone"?
It is exponentially easier to develop a relationship with a "person".
Branding is the art of aligning what you want people to think about your organization with what people actually do think about your organization.

"As stewards of the UA brand, it is all of our responsibility – students, faculty, administrators and staff alike – to make sure that all of our communications support the University of Arizona and its mission."
What is it you want people to DO?
- Register for a class?
- Attend an event?
- Read an article?
- View a video?
Set a specific goal, and a funnel to get people there.
Marketing efforts must be held accountable.
Measurable ROI
This is where Digital Marketing has a distinct edge.
Red Bar - University of Arizona Branding
Templates & Forms
US! Studies say, a week from now you will
only remember 10% of what I've said today.
If you remember anything, remember that
we are here for you!
Frank Camp - Marketing Manager
Matt Littler - Web Site Designer/Developer
Rachel Sias - Feature Writer (Student)
Christian Pierce - Videographer (Student)
Messaging & Tactics
Traditional Advertising
Digital Advertising
Opportunity. Innovation. Impact.
Hi, I'm Tommy, I am in 6th Grade
at Gridley Middle School in East Tucson. I love racing cars at Hobbytown and doing word puzzles in Bear Essentials News. My mom works in admissions at UA and my dad works for Raytheon.
Hello, my name is Susan and I
am currently employed at C3 Call Center but am looking to change careers. I can't afford (time or money) to go back to school for a degree program, but I need specialized training. I love
UA Athletics but I don't think they have classes for me.
UA South | International Faculty and Staff | US Passports Office | International Student Services | UA Pima County | UA Chandler | Outreach College | Professional Development | Personal Enrichment | UA Sierra Vista | UA Douglas | UA Santa Cruz | Arizona Youth University | OLLI | Self-Paced | Office of Global Initiatives | Study Abroad Student Exchange | International Alumni | Institutional Relations | UA Pinal | UA Yuma
Relationships & Engagement
- Clubs, colleges, service
units, etc.
- Companies, non-profits,
alumni, media outlets, etc.
Peter and Pat Likins Day: Jacob Shirley
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