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Competencies Presentation

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Crysta Lamb

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of Competencies Presentation

Competencies 7-12 Presentation
Crysta Lamb My name is Crysta Lamb. I am an All Level Special Education Major and have been placed at Paris High School. I have been a student at Texas A&M Commerce for the past three years. I didn't know that I wanted to be a teacher until I had children of my own. I'm grateful for the opportunity to stay at home with my children because it was this experience that made me realize that I wanted to teach. In January of 2013 I will begin my job as a Special Education teacher at Paris High. I have enjoyed my time as a student, and now look forward to the journey that lies ahead. Old Competency: Competency 001 The teacher understands human developmental processes and uses that knowledge to plan lessons and develop assessments the help the student achieve a sense of confidence while being sensitive to the development of their character and needs. As an Educator, I know:

The typical stages of development (cognitive, social, physical, and emotional)
The range of Individual development
Factors affecting Social Development
How to recognize signs of developmental delay The teacher understands and applies principles and strategies for communicating effectively in varied teaching and learning contexts. Competency 007: Communication! Communication! Communication!

I have learned that it is important to communicate directions, explanations, and procedures effectively. Communication Strategies:

Visual Aides
Listening to Parents
Learning Disabled Children
Speak slowly, clearly, and naturally
Use phrases like, "The key point is..." The teacher knows how to provide instruction that engages students during the learning process. Competency 008: As a teacher, it is important that I vary my instructional techniques. All students do not learn in the same ways. Knowing how to use differentiated instruction will benefit my students and enhance their learning experience. Differentiated Instruction:
Draw a picture
Create a mural or display
Make a diagram
Paint or design poster

Write in a journal
Make a connection with past information or experiences
Think about and plan The teacher effectively uses technology to plan, organize, deliver, and evaluate instruction for all students. Competency 009: Technology used:
CSCOPE Database
Cell Phones The teacher gives positive and constructive feedback to students in a timely manner. He/she also stays flexible so that accommodations and modifications can be made to their instruction when the needs of a student aren't being met. Competency 010: Grading Policy
Our campus has a 48 hour turnover pertaining to student grades. We use an online gradebook so parents are able to view their child's grades on a day to day basis. Teachers are given a 48 hour period to post grades from the date that the assignments have been turned in. Flexibility: Accommodations and Modifications-
Provides equal access to learning
Based on individual strength and needs
May vary in intensity and degree
Changes in what a student is expected t learn and demonstrate
Change in instructional level or benchmark
Change in the number of key concepts mastered within a benchmark or unit of study. Family involvement is important in each child's education. As a teacher, it is my job to know how to interact and communicate effectively with the families of my students. Competency 011: Parent /Teacher Communication Guidelines
1. Don't assume you know more about the child and his/her needs than his/her parents.
2. Junk the jargon.
3.Don't let assumptions and generalizations about the parent(s) guide your efforts.
4.Be sensitive and responsive to the parent's concerns and questions. I chose this competency because it has been one that has been necessary to understand in the field that I work within. Each student is special in their own way... As an educator I've learned that being sensitive and compassionate when it comes to the developmental process is vital to the student's success. The use of social media and technology in the classroom has increased student participation and student learning. Competency 012: Ways to serve- Participate in:
decision making
problem solving
sharing ideas and expertise
serving on committees
volunteering to participate
in events and projects
Being a part of the educational community develops relationships with others and enhances professional knowledge. Competency 013: In Texas education there are standards established and goals set. These are put in place for the betterment of the students we teach. It is my responsibility as an educator to adhere to the legal and ethical requirements established by the state of Texas. Legal Requirements:
Special Education Laws
Student/Family Rights
Student Discipline
Child Abuse Ethical Requirements:
Fair Use
Data Security
Acceptable use Policies My time at Texas A&M Commerce has been well spent. I have learned a great deal about what I need to know to become a teacher as well as who I need to be in order to be the teacher each child needs. Whether the topic of discussion is developmental levels, laws, best practice, or community involvement, I feel that I have learned enough during my experience as a student as well as a teacher to be effective in the classroom. I look forward to journey that lies ahead. On ward!!! In closing...
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