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No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Sleep

Me, Myself & Vianey
I LOVE sleep, that's all I ever do, sleep! When im bored I go to sleep. Whenever I don't have anything to do I go to sleep. All I ever do is sleep.
Zac Efron
Zac Efron. Let's start off by saying he is H O T.
He is like not even human. He's too hot to be human. His abs are just amazing. His voice oh my potato. He is just perfect.

Michael Jackson
There is no explination of how much I hate him. He's so ugly. He looks like a tomato. He scares me. He dances horrible. His singing. He can just stop. He should stop scaring me and just stop singing. His tomato looking face can go sit in a corner and think about how horrible he is at singing and dancing, etc. He's scary. I dont like him.
Waking up and Getting up
Mornings are basically my weakness. I don't like waking up. Especially getting up it takes so much effort. It takes me at least 10 minutes to roll out of bed. Mornings aren't my "thing."
Being Hungry
Iggy Azalea
It's just nasty. No one plays it. Old people play it and rich kids do. I dont see the point/fun in it. It's so boring. I would just grab the wacking stick thing and wack someone in the face. It's just boring. Golf is horrible.
Scream Queens
Scream Queens is also a TV show. It is AMAZING. Over the break all I basically did was watch all of the episodes.
Fries are amazing. I love them. They are so good. Believe me if I had the world supply of fries, they'd be finished in at least a month.
They are so good.
Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I LOVE this show. (I mostly watch it to see Kylie Jenner, but she is like never on. Oh and I recommend you watch this show because it is FANTASTIC!
I don't like her. She's so ugly. I just
can believe her. She sings terrible.
(but her face is the thing that bugs
me the most)

It sucks because then I get mad.
Then people start getting hurt.
You better get me some food or
else you're going to get punched
Michael Jackson
I see Michael Jackson as a tomato.
No body should like Michael Jackson.
He's ugly he wears too much makeup.
His dancing is horrible. I can dance
better than that. He's wrinkly.
He's old. He fakes his dances. In
conclusion I am way better.
Michael Jackson scares kids. Some people
may argue that he doesn't look like a tomato
but he really does. In conclusion people shouldn't
like Michael Jackson.
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