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Play Around the World Today and 50 Years Ago

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Kaylee Adamson

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Play Around the World Today and 50 Years Ago

Play Around the World Today and 50 Years Ago
Many children in the U.S. play with electronic devices, such as phones and Xbox, than playground games. Children still do play them, but it's not as common anymore.
50 Years Ago
Children were known to have spent most of their time outside rather than inside 50 years ago. Children would play pretend, tag, and other similar games. Although children still play them, the games were more common back then.
There is a game called Scotland Yard. There are three roles: detective, suspect, and witness. Everyone chooses a card. Once the detective card is chosen, he or she leaves the room. The suspect is reveled to the witnesses. The detective is still out of the room when the suspect touches someone to indicate that they are "dead." The detective will enter the room and ask three questions to the group. Only the suspect may lie. Once the questions are done, the detective will guess who the criminal is.
Children also play with many of the new technologies that are out.
50 Years Ago
Children would play Scotland Yard 50 years ago as well as today. Children used to play more games along the lines as Scotland Yard 50 years ago than they do today.
50 Years Ago
A popular game children used to play, and still do play, is a crab race. Children will get into teams and line up facing a goal line. Members of each team will race while in the crab position. The first team to get all players across the line and back wins.
50 Years Ago
There is a game called windmills that is still played in present day that many children used to play. The game is like a form of tag that children will play in teams. This is/was a popular game among many other games.
Children are known to be more attracted to technology, but physical interaction while playing is still very important to most children.
Japan is filled with many advanced technologies. Children play with those. Playing outside is still a huge part of a Japanese child's life. Children will play games such as tag still today.
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