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Group Discussion Secrets, Infidelity & Violence

No description

Ali Gorman

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Group Discussion Secrets, Infidelity & Violence

Secrets In Relationships Discovery Sexual
Infidelity Common Thoughts about Snoopers Snooping "You only snoop on those you love."
"One should feel guilty for snooping."
"Confrontation sometimes occurs as a result." Snooping: to prowl or pry
who snoops
how its done Snooping can be accomplished through cell phones, internet history, text messages, and searching the room
when it is done
generalized characteristics of snoopers Secrets: Something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.

Deception: misleading your partner by intentionally withholding information, presenting false information, or making messages unnecessarily irrelevant or ambiguous. • According to the textbook author, McCornack, most people discover lies indirectly through hearing evidence about them from a third party or stumbling across damaging evidence. Secrets Relationship Troubles....... According to Kelly and McKilop from an online resource, people keep secrets in romantic relationships because one is embarrassed or fearful of a partner's hostility and possible rejection.
Makes things seem more important than it really is.
Prevent people from dealing with the problem at hand
Not only affects the partner that the secret is being kept from, but also the secret keeper. Snooping in Relationships Infidelity in Relationships Definition: Marital disloyalty, adultery, unfaithfulness, disloyalty; spoken or unspoken pledge to remain faithful to your spouse.

Most destructive form of romantic betrayal

Broke pledge to be faithful

Driven by one's circumstances and by one's emotions Stats on Reactions

When infidelity will occur (McCornack

Why infidelity occurs

Signs of infidelity Who, How, When? Why? Uncertainty Reduction Theory (pg 85 McCornack)

40% say "I was just curious."
monogamous but not engaged or married Who? How? When? 88% through cell-phones 1.39% of the time when partner
is in the shower (Knox, Snooping in Romantic Relationships, 2012)
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