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Luca Sini CV

Prezi Presentation of Luca Sini from a personal, academic and professional point of view

Luca Sini

on 24 December 2016

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Transcript of Luca Sini CV

Luca Sini
Bachelor's Degree
Erasmus Mobility
E-Commerce Manager
Master of Science (MSc)
Information System Management & Innovation
Master's Degree
Erasmus Placement
Warwick University Business School (WBS) - Oct '12 to Present
Sportissimo Srl (July ’10 – Sept ’12)
University of Valladolid (2008/2009)
in Consulting & Management
University of Sassari (2007-2011)
in Business Administration
University of Sassari (2003-2007)
in Administración de Empresa
Accounts Administrator
Internship - Abbey Tour (Feb’10–June’10)
Marketing and Communication Officer
Sportissimo Srl (2003 – 2008)
(Part Time)
• Researched customer fidelity program metrics of 15,000 members to uncover customer needs and create tailor-made marketing campaigns to target company operations;
• Initiated company web-site re-organization to internalize operations to gain more flexibility and greater room for improvement of E-commerce platform;
• Assisted in administration of human resource functions as well as strategic decision-making processes for company expansion, gaining good business judgment.
- Economics & Management (Final Mark 30/30);
- Statistics (Final Mark 27/39);
- Company & Business Low (Final Mark 28/30);
- Microeconomics (Final Mark 30/30);
- Production process Technology (Final Marl 30/30).
THESIS SUBJECT: "How to best take advantage of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Small-Medium Enterprises: a real-life insight from Sportissimo Srl experience"
- Technology Analysis and Evaluation (Final Mark 30/30);
- Database System (Final Mark 30/30);
- Marketing (Final Mark 29/30);
- Business Strategy (Final Mark 30/30);
- Economics & Management of SMEs (Final Mark 30/30).
FINAL MARK: 105/110
THESIS SUBJECT: "The role of Online Travel Agency (OTA) in tourism and hotel reservation: an empirical analysis of Italian tourism demand"
FINAL MARK: 110/110
- Business Organization (Final Mark 28/30);
- Corporate Information System (Final Mark 26/30);
- Cost Analysis for Decision Making (Final Mark 30/30);
- Communication and Commercial Distribution (Final Mark 30/30).
Member of ESN (Erasmus Student Network)
• Liaised between global resellers managing tour accounts for the company, as well as suppliers such as hotels, airlines, and event management;
• Experienced problem solver with demonstrated success dealing with client's invoice issues through analytical thinking, understanding discrepancies, and providing long term sustainable solutions.;
• Ensured smooth implementation of VAT in company processes during the 1st year of VAT submission for Tour Operators in Ireland.
• Revamped E-commerce structure from conception to completion for greater efficiency and sales for the leader in apparel sales in Sardinia with over 13 stores. The website, previously considered an online showcase, eventually became an important source of revenues, justifying further investments;
• Developed and deployed internal processes for website management, to include an enhanced online catalog (from a few hundreds to a steady base of more than 15.000) with improved photography;
• Spearheaded a web marketing campaign, including social media and SEO. Hosted an online contest that increased company’s followers on the social media to over 6,000. Tripled website visitors, reaching 30.000 visitors per month.

Organizational Analysis (Final Mark 67% - Merit);
Enterprise System Development;
Critical Issues in Information System (Final Mark 65% - Merit);
Knowledge, Work & Innovation (Final Mark 76% - Distinction);
Digital Business Strategy & Social Media;
Global Sourcing & Innovation;
Technology Innovation & Change;
Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence.
Video Editing
Played semi-professional basketball for 7 years in an Italian National League, including achieving League championship and team captain role

Currently member of Warwick Sports Society and player of Warwick University basketball team
Event Management
Organizer for summer tour, producing activities such as sports tournaments and social events for visitors to a private village in Sardinia
Worked as Pubblic Relations Officer for Night Clubs in Spain
Mother tongue
Started my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at University of Sassari while working part-time in the family business and playing as semi-professional player in National Basketball League
Organizing social and sports events for tourists in a Summer Village in Sardinia
Begun Master's Degree in Maagement and Consulting at University of Sassari
Working as E-Commerce Manager for Sportissimo Srl, leading from conception to conclusion the revamping process of the online shop structure
Started a Master of Science (MSc) at the Business School of Warwick University (WBS) in "Information System Management & Innovation"
Spent one academic year in Spain (Segvia)
ERASMUS MOBILITY PROGRAMME: studied one year abroad in Segovia (Spain) - University of Valladolid
ERASMUS PLACEMENT PROGRAMME: worked with an internship programme in Dublin (Ireland) - Abbey Tour
Won multiple University Scholarships:
Mail: luca@guidemeright.com
Skype: Kurtz84
Phone (IT): (+39) 349 8407890
Contact me:
Thank you
GuideMeRight is an online freelance platform for tourism that connects tourists with local people who will let them access to the locations' lifestyle
An online freelance platform for tourism
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