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Writing in Social Work

No description

Kara Mileski

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Writing in Social Work

Why we are here
Self-Reflection (Presentation 1)
Questions to consider in
Social Work writing
Purpose of taking a social work writing course
1. What power do social workers hold with their writing?
List 3 implications of social work writing.
2. Where do your interests in social work lie? Why did you become a social worker? List 4 ways writing comes into play in this area of social work.
Social work writing has impact, carries a weight, carries consequences, and a potential to create change. What kind of writer do you want to be?
Writing in Social Work
Our diverse role as social workers:
Micro, Mezzo, Macro
Social & Behavioral Scientists and Humanists
Journal articles
Professional Practitioners
Case Notes
Policy briefs
Who is my audience?
What is most important to say?
What will my reader care about?
Implications of SW Writing
Advancement to less secure care
Graduation from tx program
Policy passes
Accurately representing opinions
Accurately representing experiences
How they are diagnosed by clinician
Intensity or type of treatment
4 Ways Writing Comes into Play in Your Area of Interest

Substance Abuse
Assessment notes
Referrals to therapy or treatment program
Progress/Case notes

Case notes
Court reports w/ recommendations for services
Referrals to individual/family therapy
Letters to the client
4 Ways Writing Comes into Play in Your Area of Interest

Community Work
Letters to the editor on opinions of recent legislation
Recommendations to legislators
Letters to community members, educating them on their rights
Newspaper/Magazine article
Narratives/Community member stories
Narratives for grants

Literature Reviews
Journal articles

Free-write for 10 minutes to the prompt below. Submit your free-write on Canvas.

Describe your typical experience with and thoughts about writing. Then please identify for your writing the strengths, limitations, and goals you might have.
What settings we are writing in determines how we write

Consider Green and Simon (2012)
Case Studies
Case histories
Writing in academic scholarship
Reduce Bias
Get your audience's attention
Clearly express you thoughts
Writing to meet the purpose it's intended to
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