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Cyber Bully Survival Guide

No description

Sarie Keller

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Cyber Bully Survival Guide

By Sarie, Kitty, and Abby
Cyber Bully Survival Guide
What is Spam?

Spam is an unwanted commercial people who want your private information.it can also find were you are. You can delete all emails and block them from giving you emails.
Teens may share personal information that makes them vulnerable to people that may harm them.
They may share inappropriate or illegal information which endangers their future academic or employment opportunities.
You can avoid it by making your user private and only letting and follow people you know
The Dangers of Facebook and Twitter
Safety Issues with Blogs
Children sometimes forget their blogs are not private and share information not needed for outsiders.
There are some children who simply do not care if their information is public; the more eyes they attract, the better
Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the program or website and ask your parents to make sure it is OK before creating a blog or an account.
Google is Getting Creepy

Google is getting creepy because when you go on line and search things, it sends you the stuff you search. For ex. a pregnant women searches thing then google finds out were you are it sometimes sends baby things. when the women is not pregnant and Google is still sending these things the women can feel a little stressed and upset.
What safety problems can arise with instant messaging
and texting and how can those problems be avoided?

People can get your private information, And find out who you are.Some good advice is to not type your private information like your address or your name.You can avoid this by blocking there email and info that they sent.If they dont stop tell an instructor and/or teacher to help you.
Why is cyberbulling a problem? what is cyber bullying?

This is a question asked by young kids we must educate them about who does it and what it is and why is it a problem.
Cyber bulling is an evil,mean way to bully someone without physical contact. IT IS BULLYING THROUGH THE INTERNET. People tend to forget there's a person on the other side of the screen. especially when there are younger kids on the internet. were the nicest places now there evil.there practically taking over it is a HUGE problem it turns BFF's to enemy's. Even strangers do it. The internet is not all bad, it can help you have more friends. Just don't give out your private info. And unless you know the person don't meet them at places.
How does cyberbullying make people feel?
what can you do if you are being cyber bullied? What can i do if my child is being cyberbullyed? These are two of the most common questions asked, but with the research i have done there is a way to stop it.
Parents Can:
talk to your children tell them to not react
save all texts etc. as evidence and take note of the date
talk to your phone etc. provider ask them to delete any cite created to hurt others.
Kids Can:
block phone or other device
talk to a responsible adult
Some people can brush it off some cannot, you should never brush it off. it makes people fell helpless. useless,powerless,mad,sad and any thing.
What Should Someone do if They Are Being Threatened on a Social-Networking Site?
First, try to disconnect them from your account
Do not post anything personal
Do not post anything that would allow them to meet you are see what you look like
If that doesn’t work, delete your account
Turn off your alerts in the settings category
Privacy Specialist
Stay Safe Online
Here are the most important tips you should know to stay safe online
Never give out personal info.
Never agree to meet some one at any place
Always tell a responasble adult if you feel you are being cyber bullyed.
You must understand that right now cyberbullying is very popular but in a very bad way. The internet is not puppies and rainbows anymore now its dark and black. Next time your on the internet keep in mind this prezi and remember there is a person behind the screen. the internet is a dangerous place but you can find much info. on it but be careful what you click and make sure its safe. Use it wisely and if you are not sure if it is safe ask an adult.
Peer Interaction Specialist
Peer Interaction Specialist
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