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Geotech 4 - Lateral Earth Pressures

Adapted from Sivakugan

Adrian McCallum

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Geotech 4 - Lateral Earth Pressures

Earth Pressures

What pressures does soil experience in the ground?

Where do they come from?

What do they affect?
Questions for this week.
What is lateral earth pressure?
How does it vary?
How might we calculate it?
What is lateral earth pressure?
Let's (groan) look @ a Mohr's Circle
5 min: Have a go at this; answers on Padlet.
Remember: when you apply K to effective stress you then need to add pore water pressure to gain total horiz stress.
What's happening in the soil?
Do these angles make sense?
How do they compare to the formula for K?
Does it make sense that horizontal stresses are generally less in the active case?
Next week:
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