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Kelly Owens

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

How Can College Cost Navigator...
Allow you to calculate financial data and school comparisons?
Conduct college and scholarship searches quickly and easily?
Create reports that help you sell your services in just minutes?

Use the Hyper Handbook to get a two-page report on any U.S. college...
“What If “ Reports
Allows you to show the impact you can make on the EFC by moving assets off the radar
Using College Cost Navigator
What do you
actually deliver?

Your results:
Kelly Owens, M.Ed.
National Sales Director
Luanne Lee
Gateway College Funding
CPR Licensee
2 Parts to Software
College Cost Navigator-Financial
College Cost Navigator-Academic
Calculates financial info
Filters academic info
College Cost Navigator has an easy-to-use interface:
Three Ways to Collect Data
Manually enter the data
Import a populated Excel spreadsheet
Have client enter their own data with “E-mail My Data”
Manually Enter Data...
Program is divided into several general screens and many sub-screens which allow you to enter more detailed information.
Import Data by Excel Spreadsheet
Planner can fill out this sheet using Microsoft Office and import using the software.
E-mail My Data
EMD allows your client to enter their data directly into College Cost Navigator so that it appears underneath your account once you login.
Client enters data in first nine screens, and FOW screens. Includes concise version of Guide to Financial Aid...
What we are all looking for…the EFC
Has over 2,000 colleges…

Compare Colleges’
Cost of attendance
Potential aid packages
Out of pocket expense

Select a college of your choice…
Generate 6 reports to sell your services (customer deliverables)
Aid Eligibility
Detailed EFC
College Cost
What-if EFC
What-if Aid Eligibility
FAFSA on the Web Answer Keys
Show your clients a breakdown of how their EFC is calculated
A summary of what college will cost them for 4 years
Show what EFC is before & after services
Show a before & after impact of college financial planning
Give your client all the answers that they need to fill out the FAFSA
Customize reports with your name and logo:
Aid-Eligibility Report
Scholarship and College Search Engine
…helps you get to the bottom line fast!
Scholarship & College Search Engine
Search for colleges based on:
Average SAT/ACT Scores and GPA.
Four Year Graduation Rate
Percentage of Students Returning After One Year
Percentage of Need Met
Admission Rate
Size of Campus and City
Scholarship & College Search Engine
Search for colleges based on:
*Distance from Home
Cost of Attendance
Out of Pocket Expenses
Student Enrollment
Student / Faculty Ratio
CCN Search Features
Search according to your own specifications…
CCN Search Features
Search according to your own specifications…
CCN Search Features
Search according to your own specifications…
CCN Search Features
Your results:
CCN Search Features
You can also list colleges
by major:
…are sent here
CCN Scholarship Search
Search the database for more than 15,000 scholarships
CCN Search Features
Search the database for more than 15,000 scholarships!
CCN Search Features
You can tag specific scholarships and print a list to give to your client.
“College Plan”
What comes in this service
called “College Plan”
… You can customize it ANY
way you want…!
A “College Plan” can be
6 – 60 pages…

Customized for each client…
Aid Eligibility Report
College Cost Report
Detailed EFC Report
What-If Analysis
What-If Aid Eligibility Report
FAFSA Answer Key

“Filter By Major” Report
“2 Page College Info” Reports
“Academic Scholarship Search” Report
Six reports
How do these people make money using this software??
They sell “The College Plan” to families
for $795 - $3,000 each!
College Cost Navigator
Luanne’s Experience
Ok… Let’s be conservative…
Let’s say you only…

Do 1 workshop per month…

Only charge $1,000 / college plan
The Math...
1 Workshop

X 4 Clients per workshop (@ $1,000)

4 NEW Clients / Month

X $1,000

$4,000 / month
Let’s look at different
numbers of workshops…
1 Workshop / Mo. $48,000 / yr

2 Workshops / Mo. $96,000 / yr

3 Workshops / Mo. $144,000 / yr

4 Workshops / Mo. $192,000 / yr

5 Workshops / Mo. $240,000 / yr
(@ 4 sales / workshop, $1,000 / college plan)
So, what do you actually get when you purchase the CCN software?
Online tutorials to set up software and train
Customizable reports to put your logo and information on
1 year UNLIMITED software updates
UNLIMITED customer support
UNLIMITED technical support
Leads – American College Student Registry
TACS – Tax Advantage College Strategy
“College Plan” flyer (so you don’t have to create the marketing)
2 great marketing flyers
What do people have to say?
“College Cost Navigator saves me tons of hours generating reports. Priceless!”
“If you are a college planner, College Cost Navigator is imperative to your success!”
Brad Hendrickson - Atlanta, GA
Jim Agan – Jonesboro, AK
…So, what does this software cost…?
Standard Pricing
Monthly $79 per month
No long term contracts!
No hidden charges!
Special Pricing for being on this webinar
If you purchase by the end of the day…

You will get your first
Month Free!
Association Discount
Due to our relationships with HECA, IECA, CPR, NCAG, we can offer special pricing to members
Monthly $69


Call: 888-799-6318
Email Kelly.Owens@CollegeCostNavigator.com

Detailed EFC Report
“What If” Reports
“What If” EFC
“What If” Reports
“What If” Aid Eligibility Report
compare the bottom line costs at colleges side by side
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