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Saint Philip Neri

No description

joey L

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Saint Philip Neri

St Philip Neri Reflection on my choice of saint Application Applying characteristics to my everyday life Prayer to saint Philip Neri Characteristics I Admire Why did I Choose This Saint Dates for St Philip Canonization and
Patronage Personal Information St. Philip Neri was born on July 22 1515 at Florence, Italy. He died on May 27 1595 of natural causes.His feast day is on May 26. Philip is my middle name, and my grandfather is also named Philip. This name is really special to me and this is why I chose it for my confirmation saint. Saint Philip Neri was very joyful and humorous. St. Philip always knew how to make someone smile or laugh, even when they are going through difficulties. St. Philip himself always had a smile on his face. I admire this about him because it teaches us to always have hope and be happy even through our darkest hours. I can apply Joy and Humor to my everyday life by always appreciating the many blessings that I have. For example, my family, friends, the country I live in, and the opportunity to receive a great education. Also, finding humor in everyday things is a way to always have a positive outlook on life. Symbol The symbol associated with St. Philip Neri is a lily. The lily symbolizes his purity of soul and heart. He was canonized by Gregory XV on March 12th in 1622. He is also the patron saint of Rome, humor, and Joy. Quotes from St.Philip Neri "Watch me, O Lord, this day; for, abandoned to myself, I shall surely betray thee."

"My children, if you desire perseverance, be devout to our Blessed Lady."

"in the war of the senses, cowards conquer:"

This is a statue of St. Philip Neri in Congregados Church in Portugal. O glorious St. Philip, who wast so favored by God with the gift of consoling and assisting thy spiritual children at the hour of death, be also my advocate and father when I shall find myself at that dreadful moment. Obtain for me that at that hour the devil may not conquer me, nor temptation overcome me, nor fear itself revile me; but that, strengthened by a lively faith, a fervent hope and, a sincere charity, I may sustain with patience and perseverance that supreme struggle, and that, full of confidence in the mercy of the Lord, and in the infinite merits of Jesus Christ and the protection of the Most Blessed Mary, I may deserve to die the death of the just, and be united with thee and all the saints in the blessed home of Paradise, to praise and enjoy the Lord forever. Amen.

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