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Stop Managing Silos

No description

Sean Mackay

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Stop Managing Silos

Do more with less...
Why ADP?
Single sign on platform
Single database solution
Online cloud-based services
Employee & Manager Self Service Tools
Custom report writer/wizard
Effective date / look back period tracking
Stop managing silos...
Forbes ranked ADP as one of the top 100 innovators in the world in 2011 & 2012!
Impacting your bottom line...
California Average SUI Rate is
Average ADP Client SUI Rate in CA:
Payroll & Taxes
Time & Labor

Punches, OT, Job
Costing, Rounding

Affordable Care Act,
FMLA, FSA, I-9, etc.
how many databases do you have?
Human Resources

Hiring, Terminations,
Tracking, Employee
Files, Compliance
Handbook, Policies
General Ledger

Accounting software, AP/AR, multiple locations,
report mapping
Benefits Administration

Open enrollments, invoice
reconciliation, eligibility
requirements, carrier

Plan creation, selection, employee rollout, contributions, audits
Workers Comp

Carrier selection, initial down payment, annual audit, ongoing estimates
Pay rates, commissions, bonuses, piece rates, certified payrolls, FUTA, FICA, social security, federal/state/local taxes
You Can View...
- Pay Statements
- Directory
- Punch In/Out
- Job Transfers
- Timecards/Sheets
- Retirement Savings
- Company News
- Benefits Information
- Calendar
- FSA/HSA Balances
- Bank Card Transactions
- Inbox/Messages
Mobile Solutions for Employee Access
"Employee self service can provide up to 16% increased productivity in the workplace!" ADP Research Institute
AAA Credit Rating (1 of 4 in the world)
Weekly Employment Report to US Govt.
Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Vision & Effectiveness
Data Center Redundancies (DC1 & DC2)
We pay 1-of-6 employees in the USA!
1-of-4 Companies to have AAA credit rating in the WORLD!!!
Gartners magic quadrant for vision & effectiveness of ADP's BPO solution.
Who else???
Two (2) $1-billion Data Centers backup your information and have encryption like banks on steroids...
Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, & fire... why put your information at risk?
What does the platform look like???
Customized, bi-lingual portal with communication and self-service tools to make your company the most efficient it can be.
Example: A 100 employee company

Non-ADP client has an average SUI rate of

That same company with ADP spends

Saving $7,070
3 Ways we lower your SUI taxes...


forms, best practices

Claim management
Win Rate
in CA =
vs. non-ADP client with 54% win rate

3) ADP performs
financial Audit
of CA EDD: 10% of claims are made in error (state average)

Plan Design
Coverage Levels
Best plan for you
Data Analytics & Reporting

Look-Back Periods
New Hire 90-day window
Employer Shared Responsibility
Non-Discrimination Rules
Real-Time Repoting

*can you prove it in an audit?
Workforce Strategy

Full time / Part Time
Profitability Reporting
Productivity Evaluations
Morale / Effectiveness
Wellness Strategy
Value of benefit offering
What do you have to consider???
What does it take to get started?
What will you need???
How will you communicate results??
Employee Notice of Exchange
Summary of Benefits & Coverage
Employee Acknowledgements
Simplified Enrollment Process
COBRA Management
Stop Managing Multiple "Systems of Record"
Do More With Less
Health Care Reform
The simple changing of
1 last name
can affect over
8 different databases!
Why all the duplication!?
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