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Reading Choice Board

No description

Julia Matthews

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Reading Choice Board

"Ant and Grasshopper" "The Richer and the Poorer" by: Julia, Tyler, Caylee, Savannah, Madison. :) Summary "Ant and the Grasshopper" An Ant works all summer long preparing for winter. While the Grasshopper is lazy and sings all summer long. When winter comes the Grasshopper is not prepared and goes to the Ant for help. The Ant refuses to help because the Grasshopper was lazy. Summary 2 "The Richer, The Poorer" This story is about two sisters named Lottie and Bess.
Lottie was smart while growing up, she saved her money and worked really hard. Bess was lazy and spent her money. Eventually Bess's husband died, leaving Bess stranded with no money. She had to send word for Lottie to pick her up, and Lottie was nice enough to take Bess in. Actions and Consequences Venn Diagram " Ant and grasshopper" " The Richer, The Poorer" Had animal characters Ant refused the Grasshopper Grasshopper was lazy Ant worked hard Had someone making wise choices Both had lazy characters Had characters asking for help About sisters Lottie took Bess in Lottie prepared her home for
Bess Bess spent all of her money "Ant and Grasshopper" "The Richer, the Poorer" Ant Grasshopper Lottie Bess Actions Consequences Worked hard to
obtain food
during summer. Was able
to eat
winter Sang and
played all
long was hungry
all winter Saved up
worked hard Had more in
the future Spent
EVERYTHING! Had to go to
Lottie for Help Theme and Topic "The Richer, The Poorer" : Theme: In good times, prepare for the
bad times to come Topic: About an Ant and a Grasshopper "Ant and Grasshopper" : Theme: Make wise choices, and keep
in mind the consequence Topic: About two sisters who
make different choices, and find out the consequence and To sum everything up... These two stores basically give you the same meaning.
if you make smart choices most likely your future will be better. Questions
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