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How Video Games have changed over the years

No description

Edwin Meda

on 18 October 2015

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Transcript of How Video Games have changed over the years

Video Games started in 1967 and since that date they have have improve a lot.
Video Game Consoles have improved in many way.Today consoles have a higher game play definition,and the video game character design get more realistic over the years.
New Features
Video Game Console have been improving since 1967.The new consoles have new features such as new "Friends" section that allows gamers to stay up-to-date with their friends; a "Snap Center" that will allow gamers to switch back and forth between games, Messages, friends and achievements
Interaction with other players
New consoles offer players better game play experience. Now players can interact with other players and make the game more fun.
How Video Games consoles have changed over the years
How Have Video Game Console Change
Will they get better?
Game industry is evolving in such a way that some analysts believe that there won’t be more consoles.Is possible that no more consoles will be release with the shape and form that today consoles have.
Video games have improved a lot.specialy the graphics and the new features that new consoles offer.
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