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Near Field Communication (NFC)

No description

Samantha Lim

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near Field Communication (NFC)
What is Near Field Communication (NFC)?
Environmental Impact
Reduces paper consumption for advertisements and communication
Cuts down the amount of material printed for an advertising campaign
Form of contact-less communication between devices such as smartphones and tablets

Allows the user to transmit information over a NFC device without physical contact between the two devices involved
Cheap to implement
Avoid need for custom hardware development

'Tap' for access
Easy for reading updated notes

Contribution to Customer Data:
Allows greater opportunity to collect data on your customers
Benefits of NFC
How does it work?
NFC requires at least one transmitting device and another to receive the signal

Sends data over radio waves

Devices have to adhere in order to communicate with each other properly
Thank You for listening
Ease of Use:
Credit Cards
Movie tickets
Subway Passes
Coupons/Reward Cards

Compatible in most smartphones
Embraces both work and play
3 Modes of NFC Operation
Peer to Peer Mode: allows NFC devices to exchange various pieces of information between each other

Read/Write Mode: links up with another device in order to read information from it

Card Emulation: the NFC device can be used like a smart or contact-less credit card

Company agreements to use NFC

Comparison with Bluetooth
if companies do not agree to integrate NFC into their business, users will not be able to use this technology
access to credit card information, social security information, bill payments, etc.
lost/stolen phones
Lower Power Consumption
Even lower than Bluetooth 4.0 (aka Bluetooth low energy)

Faster Connectivity
Less than 1/10 of a second to connect two devices
The range of transmission is shorter than Bluetooth
NFC: ~10cm
Bluetooth: up to 10m or more
The transmitting speed is a bit slower than Bluetooth
NFC: 424 kbit/s
Bluetooth 2.1: 2.1 Mbit/s
Bluetooth Low Energy: ~1 Mbit/s
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