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Holly Farabee

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Racism

Prezi by Holly Farabee

Child Labor
Facts about child labor:
1. In 1890, more than one million 10-15 year old kids were working in America.
2. By 1910, that number had increased to 2 million.
3. Companies hired kids from the ages of 5 or 6 to work as many as 20 hours a day.
Here are a few images of child labor:
4. In 1892, democrats adopt union recommendations.
- Democratic Party adopts platform plank based on union recommendations to ban factory employment for children under 15
5. In 1904, the National Child Labor Committee formed.
6. In 1916, new federal law sanctions state violators
- First federal child labor law prohibits movement of goods across state lines if minimum age laws are violated.
7. The law prohibiting movement of goods was revised in 1918 and passed again.
8. In 1924, first attempt to gain federal regulation fails.
- Congress gives federal government permission to regulate child labor laws, but not enough states agree with it.

More images of child labor:

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