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Copy of Lord of the Flies-Background and Context

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on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Lord of the Flies-Background and Context

Background Information:
Lord of the Flies by William Golding Published in 1954

What does this quote mean to you?
Background and Context Continued:
What are the major similarities between the Cold War and WWII?
British Society
William Golding
"It was simply what seemed sensible for me to write after the war when everyone was thanking God they weren't Nazis. I'd seen enough to realize that every single one of us could be Nazis."
Lord of the Flies was written during the Cold War; however, it was based during
The Cold War was an undeclared war where the US fought the spread of communism and feared nuclear attack from the
Soviet Union
WWII was a declared war where the allied powers (Britain, France, US and Russia) fought the axis powers(Germany, Italy, and Japan) in their attempt for world dominance.
In 1938 Britain tried to avoid another war with Germany by signing a treaty with them. But when
Hitler broke the agreement
a few months later, it was clear they had to go to war.
Soon aerial bombings of cities began. In order to save the future generations from death, civilians, particularly children were moved
to rural areas
Prior to the Battle of Britain, 3.5 million people were relocated.
The British are very proper. Showing up late is viewed as very rude.
The British culture is influenced by their idea of civility. One would never pass someone on the street without saying hello.
The British are also very particular about the way that they dress. Blazers, coats, hats are worn on special occasions.
The British pride themselves on their
dignified existence
The British live in an extremely cultured society. Ancient buildings, churches, and monuments reflect their heritage.
The royal family exists in conjunction with the Parliament. The royalty of Britain represent the national face of the country.
Born September 19, 1911; died June 19, 1993.
British novelist, poet, and playwright.
He was first interested in science following in the footsteps of his father before transferring his major to English literature.
During WWII he fought in the Royal Navy, and when it was over, he returned to teaching and writing.
Write about it!!
Do you think an author's life contributes to the books that they write? Why or Why not?
Background and Context:
If you traveled to Britain, how would you have to adapt to conform to their culture?
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