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Native American Pottery

No description

Candice Hale

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Native American Pottery

Native American Pottery
Tools and Terms I need to know...
Making a Coil Pot...
Construct a vessel (coil pot) using the style and building technique of the Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan) Pueblo. Be prepared to justify choices of shape, color, and surface decoration when presenting finished product.
Ohkay Owingeh
Ohkay Owingeh, what you need to know....
Ohkay Owingeh Pottery
Coil Pots
This type of pottery was common among American Indians, who did not use a potters wheel.
Hand-building technique achieved by building up the walls of the pot with successive rolls (or coils) of clay, hence the name, Coil Pot.
Native American Pottery: Ohkay Owingeh
Lesson by Candice Hale: September 18, 2013
Subject: Visual Art, multicultural lesson
ODE Standards Grade 7:
6PE: Connect Various art forms to their social, cultural, or political purposes and include regional examples.
4PR: Apply art and design principles in the construction of three dimensional works.
4RE: Classify and categorize examples of artworks from various eras and cultures.
ODE Standards Grade 8:
2PE: Develop awareness and articulate various functions of art.
2PR: Demonstrate increased technical skill and craftsmanship by using more complex processes and materials to design and create two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks.
6RE: Develop and apply criteria to assess personal works for content and craftsmanship.
Objective: The Student will create a ceramic piece using the coil hand building technique in the style of the Ohkay Owingeh tribe. The student will be able to recall the historical facts, tools, and key terms presented in this lesson with at least 80% accuracy.
rope/roll of clay
Slip and Score
Banding Wheel
technique of scoring clay and applying slip to join two pieces of clay.
a tool used to create coils
a type of wheel that is operated by hand. The turn-table is capable of doing such things as creating banded decorations and applying wax resist.
flat piece of clay
Ohkay Owingeh pottery is decorated with slip (a mixture of clay and water).
Typical design patterns:
Once slip was applied, the pot would then be polished with a stone and fired in the k.
Examples: Storage jars, bowls, etc.
Tribe named "San Juan de los Caballeros" by Spanish Explorers in 1598.
Language: Tewa
First encounter with Europeans: 1541
While under Spanish rule the pueblo suffered from...
Forced Labor
Religious Oppression
Symbolism common.
Background music: Indiginous Blues by Hal Weaer
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