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M Jennings Teaching Philosophy

No description

Melissa J

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of M Jennings Teaching Philosophy

Engagement Individual Learning Styles
and Prior Knowledge Teaching Philosophy “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”
- Chinese Proverb Curriculum Differentiation A range of learning frameworks (see figure 1, 2 and 3), allow students to activate prior knowledge/skills and are provided with a familiar basis of strength from which they can build on skills and participate in learning. Making Learning Relevant Teachers need to link learning to students’ interests and real life experiences, which provides greater purpose or relevance. FIgure 4
A Kindergarten student using concrete materials in a Maths assessment. Two Stage 3 girls commenting on their Novel Study contract which consists of a matrix combining Bloom's Taxonomy and Gardner's MI.

Viewing of this video is OPTIONAL due to presentation time constraints. Cooperative Learning
- Student centered approach.
- Students share, discuss and challenge each other’s ideas in a safe environment.
- Allows students to distribute the work load and offer mutual support.
- Roles can be allocated to the strengths of individual students. Benefits of Cooperative Learning... These Stage 3 students are English (writing) 'Buddies'. They comment on the benefits of having an appropriately matched Buddy.

Viewing of this video is OPTIONAL due to presentation time constraints. Figure 1
Gardner's Multiple Intelligences (MI) Figure 2
Bloom's Taxonomy Figure 3
De Bonno's Thinking Hats Technology (ICT) - Facilitates choice and creativity.
- Develops literacy and maths skills for support students (see Figure 5 and video below).
- Allows students to communicate globally (i.e. Blogs).

Please feel free to visit my Blog about teaching at http://missmelis.edublogs.org/ Effective and Appropriate Use of Technology Kindergarten students reading stories that they wrote and illustrated about their guided reading books, using the MyStory Application on iPads. Figure 6 Video:
Viewing of this video is OPTIONAL due to presentation time constraints. Positive Relationships A learning environment should foster values of honesty, compassion and respect. This will establish a basis of trust and acceptance, where students are not afraid to make mistakes or ask questions. Teacher and Student Rapport Comic strip: The Effectiveness of Group Roles by Melissa Jennings using www.pixton.com
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