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Recognize the partnership between the Navy League of Canada and the Department of National Defence

Cadets- Phase 3

Chelsea Collicutt

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Recognize the partnership between the Navy League of Canada and the Department of National Defence

PO1 Collicutt Recognize the partnership between the Navy League of Canada (NLC) and the Department of National Defence (DND) in support of the Canadian Cadet Movement (CCM) National Compnents of the national level:
National Board of Directors- govering body of NLC
National Executive Committee- overseees meeting of BD
National Advisory Council- advisory group for the president, composed of 3 past national presidents, nominating committtee for the election of officers and board members, undertakes projects as requested by president
National Office-- located in Ottawa, Ontario, headed by exceutive director, manages day-to-day affairs of NLC
Navy League of Canada (nlc) groups of people in local areas who conduct NLC affairs
branch council consists of a president, one or more vice presidents, secretary, treasurer, and chairs of committees oversees the various branch activities
branch committees may include Sea cadets, Navy League cadets, fundraising or Public Relations
Divisions Branches few expectations
division for each province
divisions provide guidance and support to branches
Responsibilities of NLC and dnd recruiting cadets recruting cadet instructors cadre (CIC) officers fundraising providing awards and medals
- Navy League Award of Commendation
- National Sea Cadet of the Year
- Division Sea Cadet of the Year
- Navy League Medal of Excellence
- Sea CAdet service medal
- Perfect Attendance (program)
- Perfect Attendance (year)
providing corps training facilities organizing/conducting recreational programs providing funds for optional training activities providing equipment to cadet corps Training CIC officers issuing equipment to cadet corps IAW scales of issue providing funds for mandatory training and support activities selecting cadets for cadet summer training centres (CSTS) providing facilities and staf for CSTC forming or disbanding cadet corps Providing QSPs and IGs for cadet training developing community and media relationships supervising and administering cadet corps providing reviewing parties for Anual Cerimonial Reviews (ACRs) What M307.03
objective: the cadet shall have recognized the partnership between the NLC and DND in the support of CCM
cadet program
we are effected directly by these organizations WHy Where Intro effects us as cadet directly in our cadet career and our home corps providing pay for CIC officers and CIs developing policy regarding CIC officers, civilian instructrs (CIs) and cadets GAME TIME!
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