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No description

grant smith

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Sharks

By Grant Smith

How many types of sharks are there in the world?
In the world there is a total of 400 or more different shark types.
What is a shark
Sharks are a group of fish characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton, five to seven gill slits on the sides of the head, and pectoral fins that are not fused to the head.
Sharks Orders

Are rays sharks?
No rays and sharks are two different type of animals. Sharks have gills on the side of there body and rays have on there underside of there body with there mouth is also.
Shark cousins
Shark in aquariums
Many different sharks are great to keep in aquariums world wide but other not so much. Many shark spices may be to small like the lantern or to large like the great wight. But the whale shark the biggest shark in the world can be in aquariums. This is because the whale shark needs less room to swim than the Great Wight. While some may be to big or small some might be just to dangerous. The one that can be to dangerous are the bull, tiger or the great hammerhead.
Shark food
Sharks eat many different type of fish or other sea animals. It all depends on what type of shark they are, were they live, what shape there teeth are and what size they are. Most sharks eats fish. While other shark eat seals like the great wight and sea turtle get eaten by the tiger shark. Tiger sharks can also eat any thing they want getting the nickname swimming garbage truck.
Dangers to sharks
1. Bigger sharks
2. long lines
3. dolphins
4. humans
5. Shark fin soup
How to avoid shark attacks
They are many different ways to avoid a shark attack. here are some types you should never swim alone, don't swim with a cut or wound, don't swim by people who are fishing,or don't swim at dawn or at dusk because these are great hunting hours for sharks.
Top 10 sharks to avoid
Shark Teeth
Sharks have many different teeth it all depends on what kind of food the shark spices eat or hunts.
Out of this world sharks
Prehistoric sharks
Fun facts
Swimming in cold water boosts the odds of surviving a shark attack. Cold water drops your body temperature, which will slow your blood loss
When some shark embryos develop teeth, they eat their unborn siblings until one shark remains. This is known as intrauterine cannibalism
Sharks can generate up to 40,000 pounds per square inch of pressure in a single bite
Sharks have been around for more than 300 million years! They were around before dinosaurs!
Shark on the big screen
Shark Jaws
Shark jaws are just like there teeth they are meant to eat what the sharks needs to eat yo survive
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