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The Ashcombe School GCSE English Language and English Literature

Information for parents and students about the English GCSE programme at The Ashcombe School.

Charis Hunn

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of The Ashcombe School GCSE English Language and English Literature

English Language English Literature Move upwards for official exam board documents such as mark schemes Move downwards for a brief overview of each unit of work Move left for Controlled Assessment dates and external exam dates English Language Overview Extended Reading Mark Scheme Creative Writing Mark Scheme Spoken Language Study Mark Scheme Speaking and Listening Mark Scheme English Literature Overview We are taking Route A Shakespeare and English Literary Heritage Mark Scheme Move upwards for specimen exam papers English Language Exam English Literature Exams Year 10 The Spoken Language Study: students analyse a transcript of a radio clip. Students have 90 minutes to write approximately 800 words. Extended Reading: P1 and Q1 classes study The Crucible; P2, Q2 and Q3 classes study A View from the Bridhe. Students have 2 hours to write approximately 1200 words. Creative Writing: all students write two pieces - a short story based on a poem and a newspaper column about a TV show they love or loathe. Students have 1 hour for each piece, totalling around 1200 words. Shakespeare and the English Literary Heritage: all students study Macbeth and Animal Farm. Students have 3 hours to write up to 2000 words. In the summer term, students begin studying a poetry cluster for the English Literature final exam. This is not a Controlled Assessment unit. Speaking and listening: students will deliver one individual presentation in Year 10 Year 11 Exploring Cultures: P1 and Q1 classes study To Kill a Mockingbird; P2, Q2 and Q3 classes study Of Mice and Men. Students will have a 'clean' copy of the text with them in the final exam. English Language exam preparation: students will learn and practise the skills needed for the reading and writing tasks in the final exam. Modern texts: P1 and Q1 classes study Lord of the Flies; P2, Q2 and Q3 classes study An Inspector Calls. Students will have a 'clean' copy of the text with them in the final exam. Unseen poetry: students will practise the skills required to answer an exam question about an unseen poem English Language GCSE exam

4th June 2013 9am

2 hours 15 minutes Year 11 English Literature GCSE exams

Prose: 20th May 2013 9am

1 hour 30 minutes

Poetry: 23rd May 2013 1.30pm

1 hour 15 minutes Year 10 Spoken Language Study Controlled Assessment:
60 minutes
P band: 4th October
Q band: 2nd October Extended Reading (The Crucible or A View from the Bridge) Controlled Assessment:
2 hours
P band: 22nd November + 26th November
Q band: 27th November + 29th November Shakespeare and the English Literary Heritage (Macbeth and Animal Farm):
2 hours
P and Q bands: Year 10 March exams (2 hours) Creative Writing 1 (TV show you love or loathe)
1 hour
P band: 22nd April
Q band: 25th April Creative Writing 2 (short story based on poem)
1 hour
P band: 20th May
Q band: 21st May Move right for information on how you can support your child During Year 11, students will be able to order published revision guides and workbooks at discounted prices through the English department

Re-reading set texts (and watching film adaptations) is a crucial way to reinforce students' knowledge

A number of websites, such as BBC Bitesize (www.bbc.co.uk/gcsebitesize) and Andrew Moore's Universal Teacher site (www.universalteacher.org) offer valuable revision notes and activities

Later in Year 11, the English department will produce and distribute a revision workbook containing numerous short exercises, as well as running after school revision sessions Please be aware that Controlled Assessment dates are subject to change
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